Sunday, 10 November 2013


Have been chatting with a guy online for a while, and managed a few coffee dates.  He seems ok, well built, handsome & smart, so when the opportunity arises for a more ‘active’ encounter, I have no issues and we agree to meet up.  After a lengthy car ride, we end up back in a suburb not far at all from my home, and enter a commercial building.  It seems he has the use of “a friend’s” office, and after curtains are drawn and doors locked, he drops his pants to reveal a good sized cock and balls.  His particular thing is to lie back and get blown, and on this occasion I am happy to oblige.   Taking his fat member into my mouth, I begin to work my tongue around the shaft, slowly but surely swallowing the thing until it is fully lodged in my throat.  Working my muscles around it, and gently massaging his sack, I start to move my mouth up and down, and it doesn’t take long before he grabs my head and starts to face fuck me with abandon, thrusting his hips from his sitting position.  All too quickly, he shoves me off and dribbles an enormous amount of cum down his shaft and onto the couch.  Given the volume he produces, the lack of 'spurt' is surprising, but lucky (for someone) the couch is leather.

He's keen to leave, and offers to take me back to mine, and again, after this and our prior encounters, I have no problem.  However, the family are still about, so we’re quietly sitting in the lanai, drinking and smoking, with my wallet, phone and cigarettes off to one side.  Soon after, my wife calls out she is going to bed, and we are left alone.  We are sitting quietly, enjoying the balmy weather and talking.  He is somehow nervous, and will not ‘do’ anything other than smoke and drink, but continues to talk.  During this time I am in and out of the house refreshing the drinks, ice and so on.  Sometime later, he moves to kiss me, and I respond with fervor.  He can’t, it seems, get enough of my mouth or body, but we remain fully clothed, until I drag him to a dark corner of the garden and pull his pants off him.  He only wants to be rimmed, so I oblige, but he’s not that into it so we stop.  He needs to ‘get something from his car’, so exits to the street, returning moments later.  We continue to make out, breaking occasionally to talk, share music and generally hang out, but it comes back, time and again, to frantic kissing.  Again, he has to go to the car, and I’m confused, but he returns and we resume kissing and fondling each other, still fully clothed.

Eventually, I am tired and quite drunk, so I ask him to leave.  As I wander about, putting away glasses, ice buckets and so on, I notice I am missing a $400 bottle of vodka, which seems odd as we were drinking whisky.  The next morning, I go to pay for gas and find my wallet is empty.  A text from the guy later that day telling me “great night – let’s do it again soon”, and I send a cautious response enquiring about the vodka.  This elicits indignation (“you gave it to me, don’t you remember”), but I do not mention the money.  He’s come back again today via sms, asking if we can meet again, but I feign busyness and decline. 

Now, there is a slight (but remote) chance I gave him the bottle, and I cannot think of any reason my wallet would be empty (my kids normally do me the courtesy of telling me).  At the same time I can’t believe he thinks that I would neither mind nor notice, but the repeated follow ups are not the actions of a guilty man.   If he did rob me?  Well, if so, I hope he chokes on the vodka, and consider myself lucky that that (and some cash), is all I lost.

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