Monday, 4 November 2013

C’mon – really….?

Hell it’s been a drought lately!  The Engineer and I had a date set, but he turned off his phone and slept through his evening alarm, so after 20 minutes trying to reach him (while cruising around his neighborhood), I gave up.  Another guy I had been chatting with (let’s call him Le Pinoy), doesn’t reply, and a third just turned out to be a timewaster when we got down to specifics.  Bloody locals.  Fast had some drama and the Gallerist was travelling.  An hour later the Engineer calls me and tells me he’s sorry and can host “until really late”, but that meant another cross-city trip and frankly…

Le Pinoy & I have been chatting for months, but never quite managed to get the scheduling right.  Nice bod, nice cock, a slightly needy personality (esp. given he claims to be a top), but hey.  Since drought night, a few things open in my diary, so I let him know.  Magically, he produces a string of excuses ranging from the highly plausible (working), to the moderately insulting (oh, there’s another guy I’m trying to hook up with actually), right through to the outright ridiculous (I have to go to church), so I reckon that’s dead as well.

Then out of nowhere I get a message from a guy I had coffee with maybe 6 months back, all hurt that I hadn’t been in touch.  I reminded him that he barely finished his latte and bolted, and he agreed, saying cigarettes were a turn-off, but he “was prepared to overlook that if I brushed my teeth and could host”.  Fair enough, but really – that’s how you entice someone?  Another bust.

WTF does one have to do to get laid these days!!!  If it wasn't so tragic I'd be laughing!

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