Thursday, 26 September 2013

A spanking, a spanking*

So this guy has been pursuing me non-stop for a week.  Having mislead me via Manjam, we exchanged numbers and he’s been barraging me with messages and photos via Whatsapp.  He’s both older and heavier than I prefer, and he “only wants to be spanked”.  However, after a shit day at work, I confirm that he does indeed live only 5 minutes from my office and can host.  So I go.  Sticking with my public meet philosophy, I take position in a coffee shop near where I think he lives, and send a message.  Turns out he’s in that very building, and begs me to come right up.  I demur, and insist he comes on down, which he does with bad grace.  He is as per his latter pics - tall, heavy and older, but I have some aggression inside me today and decide to give the fucker what he wants, which is to be dominated.

Oh boy.  We get to his apartment, and he wants to hug.  I brush him off, and instruct him to get naked.  I go to the kitchen and select a nicely flexible spatula, and return to the bedroom.  He’s standing there, displaying what are quite possibly the largest balls I have ever seen, surmounted by an equally small cut cock.  At an inch or so at best, it’s all head and no shaft.  Deciding he might be nervous/cold/whatever, I ignore this, and focus on “my role”.  I’ve never actually ordered people around for my pleasure before, and find it oddly arousing.  As part of this, I have elected to remain fully clothed – suit, tie, brogues, the lot.  Instructing the guy to turn around and bend over, I move in with the spatula and start to lift and drop his balls, getting a little more aggressive with each upthrust, almost but not quite actually hitting them, and occasionally swatting his butt cheeks.  He’s squirming about, and asking me to stop, but in a fussy way, not the pleading I would expect from a true sub.  I decide to work my forearms a little, and begin to spank him again, but hard.  Again, he’s fussing about, and not quite taking instruction as I would expect, so I order him to get off the bed and onto his knees.  He wants a pillow to place on the tiles, so I permit this, and draw his face to my now bulging crotch.  I had this particular suit custom made, and it has a button fly, not a zip, and I tell him to work the buttons with his teeth and release my cock.  He’s got no idea, and just kind of pfaffs around with his lips, despite my clear instructions being enforced with the occasional swat of the spatula.

Finally I undo them myself, and with some butt-clenching I manage to keep my pants up while my cock and balls are exposed.  He gives them a half-hearted suck, but won’t take my whole length.  I’m getting pretty bored by all this, so I drop the spatula and draw his head in.  He simply won’t take it.  No gagging, no teeth, just resistance.  By now I’m getting pissed, so I get him on all fours back on the bed.  Some fairly firm spanking and shouting follows (basically I’m just following what I’ve seen in porno films), and he keeps saying ‘as you wish’, then objecting to everything.  I can’t fuck him as he has no condoms (another swat), he doesn’t want to suck me anymore (again, swat), so I spit on his hole and begin to slide a finger in, marveling at the clear markings I’ve left on his butt cheeks.  He stiffens up, tells me he’s an anal virgin, and it hurts too much.

In disgust, I rebutton and depart.  As far as I know (or care), he's still crouched on his bed...

*With thanks to Monty Python, who make me smile a lot more than this little episode did…

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