Monday, 12 August 2013

Urut tenaga batin

There is a massage place not too far away advertising itself on Manjam, whose services include the intriguingly named “Urut tenaga batin”.  A google of this discloses it is a form of ‘manhood massage’, whose benefits include “increased stamina, hardness and virility”.  Who wouldn’t be interested in that?  The call is made, the booking placed, and I arrive at the appointed time.  A remarkably handsome young Pinoy enters the room, shakes my hand and instructs me to get naked.  What follows is a fairly standard, yet enjoyable massage, until he tells me to roll over and lie on my back.  Beginning at my feet, he works his way up between my legs and onto (into?) my inner thighs.  Things start to stir, and within a few minutes I am rock hard as he works his thumbs into my taint and surrounds.  Leaving this area, he moves his legs astride me and starts on my upper groin, lower gut and so on, working up my outer body until he is straddling me face-to-face.  I am harder than I can ever recall, and he knows it.   Taking advantage of my oiled and hard state, and before I can react, he has slammed his hole onto my shaft and I am inside the guy.  Anyone that does that will do it with anyone, so I quickly shove him off and tell him I want a condom.  Immediately he produces one, fits me up, and resumes his position, breathlessly informing me he only does this ‘with foreigners’ as he pumps up and down on my cock.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to fuck the guy.  A handjob I hoped for, maybe a BJ.  But whatever this massage is, it’s working and I am ready to go.  I let him ride me for a bit, then push him onto his back, lift his legs over my shoulders and pound him good.  I am going harder and longer than I can recall for some time, and from the whimpers and squirms beneath me it seems he is enjoying it as well.  Suddenly his hole contracts tightly, and he squirts his load all over himself.  The squeezing is too much for me, so I withdraw, remove the condom, and shoot my own load all over his stomach and chest.  We clean up and I shower, leaving a sizeable tip as I depart.  It is later confirmed by a guy I know who's a fellow customer (this is a very small town), that the guy loves to fucked by westerners and didn’t expect anything extra from me.

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  1. Really hot that he got off. The massages I got, only one went to anal and it was more me getting off than the other guy enjoying it... Which is kinda a blow to the ego... Just a bit. Funny the things I focus on sometimes...