Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Return to the fold

After a quick break in a nearby city, the family have decided to stay on.  The maid is traveling with them, so I am returning to an empty house.  Of course, I call the Engineer and let him know.  He immediately offers to meet me at the airport, and I cautiously accept.  Our encounters are moving from the entirely NSA to a deeper level, and neither of us began this with that intention.

My cautiousness evaporates as I exit customs.  He is standing there - tall, solid, haughty, and magnificent in his national dress.  I pause, feeling my face flush with the realization that this man is waiting for me, that he is my lover, and that I care deeply for him.  He spots me, and we grin like lovestruck teenagers at one another.  I do not know what to say, other than to tell him he makes me feel like a schoolgirl.  He laughs.

During the car ride we exchange pleasantries, then enter my house.  He immediately sweeps me into his arms, murmuring Arabic nothings into my ear as he kisses and holds me, running his tongue and hands all over me.  We move to the bed, and as always, we kiss and kiss, eagerly exploring one another.  After some time he wants to fuck, and I ask to try a new position.  On my knees on the edge of the bed, I ask him to stand behind me and ‘fuck me hard’.  It is the same position in which I had the Civil Servant a little while back.  The Engineer is happy to oblige, but it is no wonder the guys in the porn movies yelp so much – it seems to be the position that offers him both maximum leverage and penetration, and I get the hard fucking I asked for, until I can take no more and fall forward onto the bed.  He climbs on beside me, and wraps himself around me, shifting me to my side whereupon he re-enters me and we continue.  He is enjoying and I am too, and after a few minutes I clench my hole around his thrusting cock, triggering his orgasm.  Quickly withdrawing and removing his condom, he roars with delight and I am once again covered in a ridiculous amount of cum as he unleashes his load.  Immediately, he drops his head to my own member and dragging his beard all over me, brings me to shoot my own load, our seed mingling between us as we collapse into an embrace.

After showering, we get into the car and head out for dinner.  Afterwards, when leaving the restaurant, he tells me that I “have the ass of a teenager”, and that he wants to fuck some more, so we return to the house and fool around for a few more hours, 'till his wife calls and demands he come home.  I change the linen, shower once more and fall asleep dreaming of his embrace...

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