Monday, 12 August 2013

Hot in the hammam

Summer sees me take a quick break in Istanbul, one of my favourite cities for all sorts of reasons.  A primary attraction is the local hammam (baths), which regular readers will recall I am quite a fan of.  They are normally quite tame, and usually very modest, but I decide on this trip to try a new place, one that has a racy reputation.  Arriving late on a Sunday afternoon, I am not disappointed.  The staff are not keen to confirm services available, but I persevere.  Stepping into the wet area, I understand why.  It seems I have arrived at a time when it is not officially open, yet available to the cognoscenti.  I am surrounded by men in various stages of undress and congress, so quickly move from room to room to establish what is going on.  The initial room has 4 additional entryways, one of which is closed, so I move to the next.  I sit, and observe a guy in the corner idly washing himself and occasionally stroking his cock through the towel.  He’s young, hairy and cute, but painfully thin.  As I am watching, a somewhat fatter guy sits beside me, and begins to vigorously masturbate his short but fat cock.  I don’t quite understand what’s going on, so I move to the next room, which contains the hotstone and basins.  It’s quiet, so I begin to relax and prepare an action plan.  The skinny guy comes and sits opposite me, staring ‘with intent’ as they say.  I smile non-commitally, and before we go any further, two large fit guys enter.  Tatts, muscles, late 20’s, the whole bit.  One begins to massage the other as he sprawls face down on the stone, gradually becoming more assertive as he works his way up the guys back, by now apparently sitting on the backside of the guy as he rubs his shoulders.  The groans suggest it’s quite a massage, then I do a double take.  The guy being massaged has his towel up around his waist, and the guy massaging has his over his lap, and they are in fact fucking.  I don’t want to be the creepy guy that watches, so I arrange my towel to cover my hard-on, and move on to the next room.

In there I encounter a bear that you would describe as ‘in his prime’ sprawled on the bench.  Late 30’s, naked with a big solid body and legs spread, rocking what looks like the proverbial foot long cock, which he is thrashing for all it’s worth.  The cock is slapping against his chest as he goes at it, with many an admirer standing by and watching, some occasionally moving in to nudge his massive balls with their feet.  Again, I am made vaguely uneasy by this unsought-for act of voyeurism, so I exit to the entry hall, and take a place outside the closed door to gather my thoughts.

As I sit there, the door opens.  Beyond I can see a tall young guy (early 20's?), also naked.  Built like a rugby player, he is idly playing with his cock as he converses with a man unseen.  I see that he is also the possessor of a monster cock (is it a Turkish thing?), which is flopping around on his thighs and stomach as he strokes it.  The main entrance suddenly opens, and 4-6 guys enter at once.  They are to a man young, fit and handsome, and they enter the door which quickly closes.  It is as though a soccer team has turned up for a gang bang.  I am curious (read horny), so I attempt to go through but the door has been locked.

Reeling somewhat from the overtness of all this action, it dawns on me that there are no “real” patrons and that today it is just a sex venue.  More 'bathhouse' than 'bath' if you get my drift.  I retire to the first room, pondering my next move.  It doesn’t take long.  The skinny guy follows in, and takes up a position opposite me, where the bench forms a narrow ‘U’, and we each have a corner.  We begin with the motions of washing ourselves, quietly watching one another.  He gradually undrapes himself, and displays a cock the dimensions of which one rarely sees.  It was the size of a Red Bull can, and fully erect.  Game on.  Letting my own towel fall away, I begin to actively ‘wash’ my balls and cock, when the guy stretches out his leg and hooks my foot.  The marble bench is both wet and soapy, so it is with minimal effort I slide up to him, till our cocks and balls are in contact, my legs astride his hips.  Still staring at me, he reaches down and grabs my now hard dick, and begins to jerk me off.  After all the other action, and with thoughts of the soccer orgy going on next door, it only takes a minute or so and I shoot a load all over his hand, which he then transfers to his own dick, whereupon he himself cums almost immediately.  As it would seem I am now ‘done’, I shower and depart, eager for my next visit.

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