Monday, 12 August 2013

Better the Devil you know…

Don’t what to say about this guy, maybe it was me, maybe it was him…  He hit me up on grindr, under the nickname "Devil", and we chatted for a bit.  I had had a crappy day, too tired to top, not in the mood to bottom, but horny as hell.  After a number of frustrations, and some hours later, he comes back on line and wants to talk some more.  Turns out he can’t host (nor can I), but he has access to a ‘day flat’, so we agree to meet at a coffee shop near the place.  For those unaware, a day flat is one you rent for the day, for all sorts of reasons.  We meet, and click – he’s cute, reasonable body, clever conversation, so we move on to the place.  What a fucking shithole.  I wouldn’t even begin to describe the squalor (or the stains), without churning your gut.  However, we’re there, so what the hell.  For some reason the a/c is set to ‘arctic’, and I am shivering, but “he likes it that way”.

Initially, he‘s all shy.  “What do you want to do?” I ask – he shrugs and rolls his eyes.  I move in to kiss him, but he draws away, then comes back, pecking at me like a fucking goldfish.  I get his shirt off, and start to work on his nipples, but he just stands there, idly rubbing my back.  Hmmm.  I turn on the TV in case we start to get noisy, and we move to the bed.  It’s hard work.  The guy hugs a lot, again keeps pecking at me with his lips, and any efforts to get my tongue down his throat are repelled.  So we hug a lot more, and I finally get him naked.  Like I said, nice, normal body and an average length dick, but it’s so fat I can’t quite get my hand around it.

Now it gets weird.  Having boasted of his experience when online, he now tells me it’s his first time for anal, and he wants me to fuck him.  But "the pain, the pain".  So I turn him, and begin to open him up with a well-lubed finger.  He gets angry, and tells me no.  I offer to rim him, explaining this will make the fuck a lot less painful, and he refuses that too.  He will only straddle me, taking the whole cock in one hit.  Again, I talk about stretching and all that, but he’s adamant that he doesn’t like it.  Attempts to fondle his ass, kiss his cute butt cheeks and nuzzle his general 'area' are also rebuffed.  If it’s his first time I wonder, how does he know he hates it?

Now the problems really begin.  With the a/c so fucking cold, and with the various carry-on about things, I start to deflate.  He grabs my semi-rigid cock and actually shakes it, saying it is ‘too soft’ so I can’t enter him.  Possibly a fair comment, but by now my interest is quickly waning anyway, so it is my turn to shrug.  “Blow me and it’ll come back” I suggest, so the guy drops his head down, for a whole 10 seconds, and then says ‘no good’.  It is only on occasion that I don’t manage to get it up (and I quickly turn into a bottom to disguise this), but he’s unhappy.  I’m also feeling pretty crappy about my lack of performance (a bit of urut tenaga batin right about then would have been a godsend), but I see that his own dick has shriveled up and gone to sleep anyway, so my guilt quickly lifts.

Deciding it’s just a bust, I get all selfish and go in to jerk myself off.  Straddling him, I am trying to aim my load at his face, but he pushes me down and our balls come into contact.  Grinding on these for a minute or so, I surprise both of us by shooting a load straight over his shoulder, closely followed by another rope that ran all the way down his chest to his navel.  Happy that at least I got off, and knowing from the state of the place I wouldn’t be using the bathroom, I dress and leave, cock still dripping.  When I get home, I realize I stink of lube and cum, so shower and start some laundry.


  1. I find that I deflate sometimes in situations like that when the bottom doesn't kiss... Or is terrible at it... I mean, if you're going to complain and only want it in a certain scripted way, at least make it a bit more sexy and passionate by making out with me, right?