Sunday, 7 July 2013

Comfort, complacency and pizza

Again, and on short notice, the family have decided to travel.  By coincidence the maid is also out, so after some of the usual wasted time on various Apps, a quick call to the Engineer is placed.  He’s keen and available, so we arrange to meet that night.

He arrives somewhat earlier than expected, having decided to cut short his work-out.  As it is the end of the week, we are both pretty tired, and with summer well and truly underway, we’re both feeling a little drained (a daily 120f does that to you…).  As he enters, dripping with sweat, we meet and embrace, taking a lingering kiss.  He smells and tastes divine, but draws away, surprised at my interest.  “Must shower” he says, stomping off to the bathroom.

As he washes, we talk.  Trivial stuff, about our week, about our cars, just kind of guy stuff.  He emerges from the shower, a dripping Adonis, and takes me into a warm damp embrace, working his hands all over me and his tongue into my mouth.  After some time, he leads me to the bedroom and begins to remove my clothes.

I am standing, naked in his arms, and he pulls me to the bed, settling into an intimate embrace.  We begin, slowly, to kiss and fondle each other, his eager hands working my stiffening cock, his even more eager mouth working mine.  He takes his time to move down my body, his lips caressing my nipples, my chest, stomach and navel, before swallowing my cock in one smooth go.  He’s working it well, massaging my balls as he sucks, when he swings himself around so that we can 69.  

This is good – he’s upped the tempo on my cock, and is mouth fucking me with his, as I clutch and work his butt cheeks, drawing this large man even further into and onto me.  He suddenly withdraws from my mouth, and moves his hands down to begin jerking himself off.  This is usually a signal he is about to cum, so I tell him to slow down.  Rather grimly he tells me he is so tired he is concerned about his ability to shoot at all, and wants to get off while he can, so I let him continue.

Abruptly, he stops.  “Your turn” he says, and resumes sucking my cock, dragging his bearded face over it and my balls, murmuring sweet Arabic nothings as he does so.  This is quite a turn-on, and I tell him I’m about to shoot.  He pulls back slightly, and starts to aggressively jerk me off, asking for a cum facial.  I let rip with a full-on, knee trembling orgasm, the cum from which drips off his beard and nose onto my stomach.  He is now furiously pulling at his own cock, when he suddenly sits up and points it straight at me.  With a deep roar he unleashes his load all over me, then falls beside me in a heap.

We spend some time simply cuddling, and shower.  He then tells me it is prayer time, and once more my house resonates with the murmurings of devotion.

Afterwards, we go for pizza and enjoy a quiet, comfortable meal basking in the afterglow of our time together.  Like teenagers, he holds my hand as he drives.  I am surprised to realise afterwards that we didn't actually fuck...