Thursday, 13 June 2013


After a trip through what can only be described as an unreasonable amount of traffic, I arrive at the Engineers house.  Tonight we are not just fucking, but dining out together afterwards as well.  To say that his face lit up when he opened the door would be an understatement, and both humbling and charming at the same time.  We immediately repair to his quarters, and stand looking at one another, grinning like love-struck teenagers.  He steps over and gently takes me in his arms - we stand (me practically on tip toes, and I’m 6’!), and kiss for a very long time, exploring one another’s bodies as we do so.  It is wonderful, and I realize I have been longing for this since we last met.

He slowly pulls me onto the bed, and reaches for his poppers.  I push them away, and we continue to kiss, pushing and pulling our clothes off as we do.  Eventually we are naked together, our cocks touching and grinding together as much as our lips.

I push his head down towards my dick, and he eagerly consumes it as I stroke his powerful chest and back.  Soon it is my turn to suck him, and we move around to a 69, where I can swallow his 8” while gently stroking his hole, pushing my fingers in and out in rhythm with the sucking.  He is moaning at this, so we go back to kissing and he takes a hit of some poppers.  This amps things up a bit (for him anyway), and things become more passionate – we’re now fully intertwined and eagerly exploring each other, biting and sucking whatever we can get a hold of.  It’s feeling good, and he rolls me onto my side and positions himself behind me.  Taking more poppers, he takes aim and slowly but persistently drives his cock into me.  Given the angle, it’s pretty uncomfortable, but we continue and he soon establishes a rhythm.  More poppers (?!?!), and he’s going hard at me, but suddenly stops.  “Too dizzy” he says, flopping onto his back.  I decide if he’s out, I’m in, so I roll him onto his stomach and draw his ass into the air. 

Slowly, deliberately, I find my mark – after the spit and the fingering, he’s not too tight, and I slide right in, to his squeals and whimperings of delight.  Finding my own tempo, I give it to him from behind, enjoying the feel of this tall and muscular man being at my submission.  All too soon it is time for me to shoot my load, and nothing can stop me as I roll him back and spray all over his stomach, moaning deeply as I do so.

We lay together for a few moments, and again I feel his hardness pressing into me.  “Let’s go”, he whispers in Arabic, and I find myself entered once more.  Again with the bad angle, and after what feels like a very long time of being pounded, I beg off and ask him to jerk off onto me. He’s happy to oblige, and once again covers me, the bedhead and the sheets with his incredibly noisy and productive load.  We shower together and dress, before heading out for dinner a deux….


  1. I feel incrwdibly naive asking this, but what are these "poppers" you speak of?

    I enjoy reading your adventures, by the way.

  2. Cheers Rob - I likewise enjoy your blog!

    to answer your question, poppers are amyl nitrate!

  3. Gotcha. Thanks Weston, and I'm glad you enjoy my blog.