Monday, 10 June 2013

Reclaiming mojo

I’ve decided the brother of the harus was clearly disrespecting me, so need to reclaim some mojo.  A quick ping to Fast confirms his interest and availability, so I pass by his place on my way home.

I’ve informed him already that it’s going to be quick and hard, and I arrive to find his apartment door ajar.  I enter and lock the door behind me, and walking through I find him naked, on his knees and blindfolded.  With my cock stirring, I undress and approach him.  Taking his head in my hands, I guide his mouth to my semi-hard meat, and let his lips and tongue do what they do so well.  Once I’m throbbing, I fall to my own knees and we begin to kiss and fondle one another, our cocks bouncing around on each others.

After some of this, and a fair bit of nipple play, I push Fast onto his back, and draw his legs up over my shoulders.  It doesn’t take long and I am balls deep inside him, building a rhythm quite quickly.  Other than some gentle moaning from Fast, no words have been spoken by either of us.

For some reason I find the blindfold quite a turn-on, and Fast is furiously masturbating as I fuck him.  It doesn’t take long before his stomach is covered in his own cum.  Moments later, and I’ve filled the condom and withdrawn, leaving him panting on the floor.  I dress and leave in silence.

All done in 12 minutes….

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