Sunday, 30 June 2013

Morning Glory

Summer has hit the sandlands, and the family are traveling on an early flight.  As I drop them, I send a quick message to the Engineer, and he’s waiting in my driveway when I get home from the airport…

It’s been a few weeks since we last met, and our mutual hunger has continued to grow.  We greet and almost immediately move upstairs, where we begin to kiss and explore one another’s bodies.  We are each both pleased and surprised at what we find.  He has been working out, and managed to convert an already impressive physique into one that is rock hard without being “muscly”, and I myself have been on al rejheem (a diet), resulting in a remarkable surplus dropping from my waist.  The Engineer has no such issues, and his now even broader chest is accentuated by an even smaller waist and totally edible butt.

After extensive kissing and tongue work on one another, I steal a technique from a website not unlike this one, and begin to alternatively suck, bite, lick and pressure his nipples.  This has him moaning with delight, and we fall onto the bed, utterly entwined in one another’s bodies.  I want to try a new position (this one stolen from a porn site), so I lie in front of, and under, him, looking up at his package.  With my head tilted back, he can feed his cock down my throat with no obstruction, which works extremely well.  He’s throat fucking me, and his cock starts to swell even more which unfortunately cuts off my windpipe and starts to suffocate me, so we stop.  This little maneuver needs more practice.  He swings around to under me, and pushes my mouth back onto him and pulls my legs over his face as he begins to rim me.  Given it’s the weekend, neither of us have shaved and much dragging of my bearded face over his cock and balls as I suck him, and his between my arse cheeks as he licks, sucks and bites me, has us both squirming with delight, until he asks me to straddle him.  I turn and climb on top, and he begins to work his cock into me.  From this angle, I am able to ride him as we kiss, and it’s awesome.  I can feel his tool sliding in and out of me, and I clench myself hard as he pushes in and pulls out.

We continue in this vein for a while, but he wants me on my back so we change.  He has my knees around my ears as he enters me, and begins to go quite hard, working his 8” cock in and out of me at speed as his shoulders pin my legs back.  It’s good, but I know this kind of flexibility is beyond me and I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, so I roll to my side and he resumes, his balls slapping against mine as our hips meet time and again.  As usual, he’s on poppers, so it doesn’t take too long before he pushes me onto my back and sprays his load all over me and the bed, laughing, groaning and crying out as he does so.  After coffee and a snack, he leaves, and I go back to bed.  As I lie there, a text informs that the family is just about to take-off.

I wake in a room smelling of cum, poppers and sweat, and as suspected, I am unable to walk.  In all, pretty blissful….

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