Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As I leave the office, I see a young man lurking in the courtyard.  He’s all scrubbed up and nicely dressed, and begins to approach me.  He is wearing a broad ‘how are you’ smile, which I find a little confusing as I don’t know him, then it dawns on me.  This is the brother I met last week, the one who I thought disrespected me.  Let’s call him harus2.  With much flirty body language (quite amusing when coming from someone as built as this guy), he explains his brother is on vacation and that he is now ‘the man’.  Or at least I hope that’s what he’s saying as my grasp of the local language is pretty shitty.  Anyway, would I like tea he asks, gesturing towards his building.  I am concerned his brother has told about our jerk-off sessions, and don’t really want to get into that with this guy as well.

I’m happy to reinforce some mojo on this guy, and let him know I’m not interested.  Besides, the Engineer has called to inform his family have traveled, so I already have plans tonight….

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