Sunday, 30 June 2013

Morning Glory

Summer has hit the sandlands, and the family are traveling on an early flight.  As I drop them, I send a quick message to the Engineer, and he’s waiting in my driveway when I get home from the airport…

It’s been a few weeks since we last met, and our mutual hunger has continued to grow.  We greet and almost immediately move upstairs, where we begin to kiss and explore one another’s bodies.  We are each both pleased and surprised at what we find.  He has been working out, and managed to convert an already impressive physique into one that is rock hard without being “muscly”, and I myself have been on al rejheem (a diet), resulting in a remarkable surplus dropping from my waist.  The Engineer has no such issues, and his now even broader chest is accentuated by an even smaller waist and totally edible butt.

After extensive kissing and tongue work on one another, I steal a technique from a website not unlike this one, and begin to alternatively suck, bite, lick and pressure his nipples.  This has him moaning with delight, and we fall onto the bed, utterly entwined in one another’s bodies.  I want to try a new position (this one stolen from a porn site), so I lie in front of, and under, him, looking up at his package.  With my head tilted back, he can feed his cock down my throat with no obstruction, which works extremely well.  He’s throat fucking me, and his cock starts to swell even more which unfortunately cuts off my windpipe and starts to suffocate me, so we stop.  This little maneuver needs more practice.  He swings around to under me, and pushes my mouth back onto him and pulls my legs over his face as he begins to rim me.  Given it’s the weekend, neither of us have shaved and much dragging of my bearded face over his cock and balls as I suck him, and his between my arse cheeks as he licks, sucks and bites me, has us both squirming with delight, until he asks me to straddle him.  I turn and climb on top, and he begins to work his cock into me.  From this angle, I am able to ride him as we kiss, and it’s awesome.  I can feel his tool sliding in and out of me, and I clench myself hard as he pushes in and pulls out.

We continue in this vein for a while, but he wants me on my back so we change.  He has my knees around my ears as he enters me, and begins to go quite hard, working his 8” cock in and out of me at speed as his shoulders pin my legs back.  It’s good, but I know this kind of flexibility is beyond me and I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, so I roll to my side and he resumes, his balls slapping against mine as our hips meet time and again.  As usual, he’s on poppers, so it doesn’t take too long before he pushes me onto my back and sprays his load all over me and the bed, laughing, groaning and crying out as he does so.  After coffee and a snack, he leaves, and I go back to bed.  As I lie there, a text informs that the family is just about to take-off.

I wake in a room smelling of cum, poppers and sweat, and as suspected, I am unable to walk.  In all, pretty blissful….

Thursday, 13 June 2013


After a trip through what can only be described as an unreasonable amount of traffic, I arrive at the Engineers house.  Tonight we are not just fucking, but dining out together afterwards as well.  To say that his face lit up when he opened the door would be an understatement, and both humbling and charming at the same time.  We immediately repair to his quarters, and stand looking at one another, grinning like love-struck teenagers.  He steps over and gently takes me in his arms - we stand (me practically on tip toes, and I’m 6’!), and kiss for a very long time, exploring one another’s bodies as we do so.  It is wonderful, and I realize I have been longing for this since we last met.

He slowly pulls me onto the bed, and reaches for his poppers.  I push them away, and we continue to kiss, pushing and pulling our clothes off as we do.  Eventually we are naked together, our cocks touching and grinding together as much as our lips.

I push his head down towards my dick, and he eagerly consumes it as I stroke his powerful chest and back.  Soon it is my turn to suck him, and we move around to a 69, where I can swallow his 8” while gently stroking his hole, pushing my fingers in and out in rhythm with the sucking.  He is moaning at this, so we go back to kissing and he takes a hit of some poppers.  This amps things up a bit (for him anyway), and things become more passionate – we’re now fully intertwined and eagerly exploring each other, biting and sucking whatever we can get a hold of.  It’s feeling good, and he rolls me onto my side and positions himself behind me.  Taking more poppers, he takes aim and slowly but persistently drives his cock into me.  Given the angle, it’s pretty uncomfortable, but we continue and he soon establishes a rhythm.  More poppers (?!?!), and he’s going hard at me, but suddenly stops.  “Too dizzy” he says, flopping onto his back.  I decide if he’s out, I’m in, so I roll him onto his stomach and draw his ass into the air. 

Slowly, deliberately, I find my mark – after the spit and the fingering, he’s not too tight, and I slide right in, to his squeals and whimperings of delight.  Finding my own tempo, I give it to him from behind, enjoying the feel of this tall and muscular man being at my submission.  All too soon it is time for me to shoot my load, and nothing can stop me as I roll him back and spray all over his stomach, moaning deeply as I do so.

We lay together for a few moments, and again I feel his hardness pressing into me.  “Let’s go”, he whispers in Arabic, and I find myself entered once more.  Again with the bad angle, and after what feels like a very long time of being pounded, I beg off and ask him to jerk off onto me. He’s happy to oblige, and once again covers me, the bedhead and the sheets with his incredibly noisy and productive load.  We shower together and dress, before heading out for dinner a deux….

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As I leave the office, I see a young man lurking in the courtyard.  He’s all scrubbed up and nicely dressed, and begins to approach me.  He is wearing a broad ‘how are you’ smile, which I find a little confusing as I don’t know him, then it dawns on me.  This is the brother I met last week, the one who I thought disrespected me.  Let’s call him harus2.  With much flirty body language (quite amusing when coming from someone as built as this guy), he explains his brother is on vacation and that he is now ‘the man’.  Or at least I hope that’s what he’s saying as my grasp of the local language is pretty shitty.  Anyway, would I like tea he asks, gesturing towards his building.  I am concerned his brother has told about our jerk-off sessions, and don’t really want to get into that with this guy as well.

I’m happy to reinforce some mojo on this guy, and let him know I’m not interested.  Besides, the Engineer has called to inform his family have traveled, so I already have plans tonight….

Monday, 10 June 2013

Reclaiming mojo

I’ve decided the brother of the harus was clearly disrespecting me, so need to reclaim some mojo.  A quick ping to Fast confirms his interest and availability, so I pass by his place on my way home.

I’ve informed him already that it’s going to be quick and hard, and I arrive to find his apartment door ajar.  I enter and lock the door behind me, and walking through I find him naked, on his knees and blindfolded.  With my cock stirring, I undress and approach him.  Taking his head in my hands, I guide his mouth to my semi-hard meat, and let his lips and tongue do what they do so well.  Once I’m throbbing, I fall to my own knees and we begin to kiss and fondle one another, our cocks bouncing around on each others.

After some of this, and a fair bit of nipple play, I push Fast onto his back, and draw his legs up over my shoulders.  It doesn’t take long and I am balls deep inside him, building a rhythm quite quickly.  Other than some gentle moaning from Fast, no words have been spoken by either of us.

For some reason I find the blindfold quite a turn-on, and Fast is furiously masturbating as I fuck him.  It doesn’t take long before his stomach is covered in his own cum.  Moments later, and I’ve filled the condom and withdrawn, leaving him panting on the floor.  I dress and leave in silence.

All done in 12 minutes….

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Harus (again)

It’s been a while, and I’m in the mood for some rough trade.  I recommence smoking in an area where the harus will spot me, and shortly he does.  We agree to meet later that afternoon.

I am greeted at the appointed time, and we move to his lodging.  He explains to me his brother is there and wants to meet me.  Upon entering, I am confronted by quite a sight.  Sprawled on the floor is a man wearing nothing other than a pair of tight white briefs.  This is highly unusual attire for someone of this nationality (they generally prefer bloomers under their robes), but my breath is taken away by the guy.  He’s clearly some sort of labourer, but with the body of an Olympic diver, and a package that can only be described as massive, clearly matching the 10” or so the harus packs.  I sit nervously on the bed (no chairs remember), wondering what is going on as introductions are made.  The harus tells me he is “going to buy sugar”, and after muttering something to his brother in Arabic leaves us alone.  Again, the language barrier is pretty high, so I am looking at the wall, trying hard not to stare at this man, and he in turn is staring at some local chat show on TV.  His hand drifts to his crotch, and he begins to slowly stroke himself, never taking his eyes off the television, until he is clearly rocking an obelisk to match that of his brother.  I am mesmerized by this, not knowing what to do, and sit there awkwardly with a bulge growing in my own pants.  Has the harus paired us off?  Promised his brother some quick western action?  WTF?

After a few minutes of this, the brother stands and stretches, displaying both his physique and bulge to maximum effect.  He approaches the bed, and begins to reach behind me, where his robe is hanging on a hook.  As he comes in, I shift slightly, with his bulge now mere inches from my face, and the overwhelming smell of a man in my nostrils.  At the last second, he shoves his thumb into his waistband and yanks the briefs partway down.  His glistening cock springs out, and taking it in his hand, he slaps my face with it and slowly drags it back, smearing his pre-cum on my cheek.  I am speechless, and uncertain if I have been taunted, teased, or just outright disrespected as he unhooks the robe and slowly dons it, as I wipe my face.

At this moment the harus walks back in with the sugar, and, seeing his brother now dressed, he smiles.  He turns and tells me in broken English “as I was leaving I told him to put his clothes on”.

We then sat and drank tea as if nothing had happened.  Sadly for me, nothing else did….