Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Table Top

I’ve been talking to the Deviant for the past few days, and trying to hookup, but it’s just not working out.  I am horny as fuck, and keen to bust a nut, so when Fast guy pings me, and he’s also keen, so we agree to meet.  I get to his, and he’s already in his briefs, with his usual bulge quite prominent.  After some chit chat downstairs, he begins to remove my clothes, until I’m standing there naked and hard.  We haven’t left the living area, and he pushes me against the table, dropping to his knees and starting what would prove to be an extensive blowjob.  I take advantage of the angle to pull out my phone and photo him with his mouth wrapped around my cock, but I’m soon struggling to keep my legs straight, so I sit up on the table and let him continue his work.  While he sucks me off, he begins to work my chest, pinching and rubbing my nipples as he gradually pushes me onto my back on the table, whereupon he throws my legs over his shoulders and starts to rim me.

This is sensational - he is both active and thorough, to the extent I am squirming and moaning quite a bit.  He slowly comes back up, sucking my balls, then my cock, working his way up my stomach, navel and chest.  Once he reaches my neck, his own cock is pressing firmly and insistently against my hole.  I had been planning to fuck the guy, but after his outstanding attentions, I decide to bottom for him.

With me still on the table, he dons a condom, and begins to enter me while he stands.  It’s actually pretty comfortable, and he gets a good rhythm going, increasing the tempo until he’s slamming me pretty hard.  I wrap my legs around his hips and encourage him to go harder, then I move his hand so he can jerk me off in time to the fucking.  This is amazing.  He’s got one hand on my chest, the other wrapped around my cock, and his own cock pounding me.  Not too much of this, and I shoot a load all over myself.  He pulls out, and cums over me as well, so we move to the shower for a lengthy washdown.

I send the cocksucking photo to the Deviant, and head off with a smile on my face.  True to his nature, my session with “Fast” was over in about 25minutes.

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