Sunday, 7 April 2013

Steamy Singapore (again!)

I’ve spent the afternoon lying by the pool, casually checking out the display, and one young guy is of particular interest.  He’s fit, with an outstanding upper body and perfect abs, but with the airport car coming in around 15 minutes my time is drawing to a close.  So I head to the change room to shower and dress, but when I get there he’s waiting, already naked with a towel draped over his shoulder, half hiding a decent sized cock.  I check him out, and ask if the steam room is any good.  “Sure”, he replies, “want to try it?”  I figure I have a little time, so why not.
Into the steam, and he starts immediately sucking my nipples and feeling my package through the swimsuit.  I tell him I’m grabbing a towel and exit.  When I return, he is on his knees and waiting for me.  He gives a pretty good blow job, and I am enjoying standing there watching his head go up and down on my cock, but I notice he is only taking around half the length, so I guide him in for a deeper suck.  He can only take a little more before he starts to gag, so I offer to fuck him.  Again, “too big” the reply, and he returns to the blowjob.  I tell him I’m close, so he stands up and we kiss while jerking each other off.  He shoots a smallish load over my leg, and I push him back to the floor, unloading myself on his face and chest.  I shower, collect my family and leap into the car for the airport.  I am smiling the whole ride….


  1. So, I find that the bottoms here don't care if it's too big! If it's more than they can handle, they wanna try anyway! And I'm not talking about me. I'm pretty average sized, though people say differently. I'm wondering how big YOU are though! Nice story!

    1. Haha - thanks for the kind words! I too consider myself 'average', but likewise get other comments. Where does 16cm sit on the scale I wonder...