Sunday, 7 April 2013

Singapore Sling…

I find myself back in SE Asia, and once again astonished by the caliber of the men here.  I previously mentioned that mandatory national service meant the general population of young men was pretty fit, and this is only reinforced as I walk the streets checking out the local boys.  They all seem to have well developed pecs and shoulders, and (dammit), perfectly formed abs as evidenced by the flat stomachs on display.

It’s been a while since I saw any action, and I’m horny as fuck.  So, inventing a professional engagement I leave the family and jump a cab to a bathhouse I have long wanted to check out.  When I arrive, I am informed it’s ‘nude night’ if that’s ok.  Damn right it is.  Shedding my gear, I wander in, and see a veritable smorgasbord of fit local young men wandering about.  These guys are handsome and muscular, and generally not particularly well hung, but surprisingly hairy.  A tumble of guys are involved in a naked group wrestling match.  It’s driven more by play than by sex, and is pretty hot to watch.  But after a few have walked past me and tentatively touched my dick, and some half-hearted wank jobs, I notice the action is all local on local, with the few westerners as mere bystanders.  I realize I’m not going to score, so dress and head to another place a few hundred metres away.

Its quiet there (very quiet), with just a few guys wandering about.  In the centre of the maze, there is however a bondage section, which is always of interest.  Central to this is a large wooden structure, rather like a very sturdy coat rack, with straps one uses to ‘position’ oneself.  A local guy has placed himself on this, and is being noisily fucked by a westerner whilst simultaneously getting blown by another local.  All are pretty fit, bordering on muscular, so I settle down on a nearby couch to watch the show.  A young but stocky local passes by and, seeing me reclining there, immediately buries his face under my towel.  He gives me a pretty good blowjob, and I’m close, so I push him off and ask him which way he wants to be fucked.  He walks to a cubicle and assumes a position on his knees, facing away from me, so I enter and start slowly driving my cock into his ass.  He begins to moan a little, so I increase the tempo while holding his shoulders with one hand and massaging his back with the other, and this gets him really writhing about.  After a time, he pulls away, claiming I’m ‘too big’ for him, and returns to sucking me off, sitting on the bench while I stand.  It doesn’t take long, and I tell him I’m about to shoot, whereby he starts to suck my balls while jerking me off.  As I said, it’s been a while, and I dump a massive load all over his face and chest.  I shower and leave.

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