Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kitchen Kapers

It’s late, I’m slightly drunk and the location based app tells me the Engineer is very nearby.  So I hit him up and see what he’s doing in my neighborhood.  After a few glasses of wine, the wife is out cold already, so a discreet meeting is arranged.  Common to many houses in this part of the world, we have an outbuilding where the staff would normally reside, but ours live offsite so it’s just some rooms full of junk.

Once he arrives, it is to here that we retire.  We cannot get enough of one another’s mouths or bodies, and spend some time simply kissing and cuddling in the darkness of the ‘spare’ kitchen.  He is very quickly naked, and aggressively sucking my cock, when he stops and turns away from me.  Now on his knees and elbows, he is quietly begging me to fuck him and fuck him hard.  Owing to the impromptu nature of our meeting, neither of us have any “equipment”, so after a moments consideration, I spit on my cock and begin to bareback him, feeding my unsheathed meat into his tight ass, accompanied by the sound of his soft moans.  Growing up in the age of condoms, I've never done this before and it feels pretty damn good.  Once in, I hold him by his hips and begin to thrust, swinging him back into me and then fucking him forward, but I'm mindful of the risks and I’m not really into it, so I withdraw.  He tries to reciprocate, but he can’t manage enough spit to penetrate me, so without either of us busting a nut we return to naked kissing and fondling before dressing.  For a man who jerks off pretty much daily, I find my dick is extremely chafed the next day.

We move to the lanai and talk softly, him sitting and me standing.  He reaches out and drags me toward him, unbuttoning my fly and pulling out my still hard cock.  He starts to suck me off again, and I’m at the point where my legs are jiggling, but before I can blow, the shadow of my wife appears.  Shoving the Engineer into the darkness, I tell her I’ll be upstairs “after this cigarette”.

This, of course, kills any mood at all, and the Engineer reluctantly departs after lengthy kisses and cuddles.  As he leaves, he tells me he loves me.


  1. You are a very brave man. My husband is aware of my every move once in bed. I often wake to wanting to slip out and have sex with some guy after hours, but he would notice my absence and come searching. Thanks for the hot post.

    1. yeah, had I been sober, I probably wouldn't have done it. But glad I did!!!