Sunday, 28 April 2013

Birthday Bang

The Engineer drops me a line.  His family have traveled and it’s his birthday.  Would I like to meet?  Ummm, yeah!  I get to his place at the appointed time, and he is waiting for me, clearly naked under his dishdash, with his ass cheeks very nicely outlined and his big dick straining against the fabric already.

We go into the bedroom, and he slides off his outfit, but I want to take my time.  Shirtless but still in my jeans, I stand behind him, kissing the back of his neck, all the while stroking his stomach and chest.  I tell him that I am not going to fuck him tonight; I am going to make love to him.  He moans softly, and turns to kiss me deeply.  We stay standing for some time, running our hands over one another’s bodies, kissing, pinching, sucking and nibbling, until he pulls me onto the bed and removes my pants.  We just kiss, and kiss, and kiss.  As previously it could have been an hour or just a few minutes, I don’t know.  I gently rub his nipples with my tongue, and then begin to bite a little harder.  He arches his back, and pushes my head towards his upright cock.  I flick the tip with my tongue, but move quickly to his balls, dragging my unshaven face over them and sucking and turning them in my mouth.  He wants me to slow down, so drags my face back towards his, where we turn and twist together while kissing more and more passionately.

After a time, I have him on his stomach, while I nibble his ears and neck.  Working my way down his back, I am kissing and stroking his back while simultaneously working my fingers into his ass.  As I approach his butt, I start to bite and nibble his cheeks, interplayed with some rimming.  He is twitching, and without my weight on him, he begins to raise his butt from the floor.  I take the hint, and come in to suck his balls from behind, and gently bend his cock back to I can suck it from that angle as well.  This is fun, and I could go for a lot longer, but the Engineer slides forwards and simply says “fuck me please”.  I don’t need too much encouragement, so grabbing a condom, and some poppers, I happily oblige.  He’s clearly gagging for it, but he resists, and it takes me some time to work my cock into him.  Once through ‘the wall’, he relaxes and opens up around me.  It’s a weird feeling - it’s like his arse went from repelling my cock to embracing it, and I am free to work him hard after that.  I get a good rhythm going, and he’s sliding around under me moaning, but I stop and switch positions.  With me now on my back, he straddles me and hops onto my pole, sinking slowly down its length with a shuddering smile.  As he rides me, he tells me he had jerked off that morning and wasn’t sure he’d be able to cum again.  Now, one of the highlights of the Engineer are his ridiculously noisy & productive orgasms, so I’m a little peeved, but not too much so.

After a time, he climbs off and asks if he can fuck me, so I oblige and roll over.  He’s had a few poppers by now, and it’s not the hardest cock in the world, but we persevere, and he gets it in.  Uncharacteristically, he pushes me flat onto my stomach and begins to pound me.  This is pretty uncomfortable, so I beg off and offer to ride him instead.  Hopping onto his cock, I begin to slide up and down, feeling his length inside me and pushing my weight down so my balls grind against him.  Heaven.  Sensing my pleasure, the Engineer reaches forward and grabs my cock, and begins to jerk me off while I ride him hard.  Incredible sensations begin to flood my body as all this and the poppers work their magic, and I have an incredible orgasm, twitching and shivering as I slump forward over him, his hot shaft still inside me.  He kisses me and asks what is wrong, as ‘habibi, you did not cum’.  I am a bit surprised (it sure felt like I did), but lean back and begin again to ride him again while he jerks me some more.  It doesn’t take long, and I have a second orgasm, this time shooting a surprising amount of cum over his chest and face.  I realize afterwards it is the mirror image of what I did with Fast a week or so back.

Exhausted, I slump beside him, but he is still hard and wants to fuck more.  I can’t take him again, so I bite, lick and nibble him while he jerks off.  After a few minutes of this he leaps up and points his dick at me, spraying myself, the sheets and the bedhead with an enormous amount of cum while he makes his usual keening noise.  After his earlier confession, I am not expecting much, and I am laughing so much at all of this I can’t help but cop it fair in the face, so serves me right.  We shower together, and I leave.

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