Friday, 1 March 2013

the last hurrah (truly)!

With just hours before the family return, the engineer suddenly pings me.  He's back from his own travels and keen to hook-up.  I really like this guy - physically he ticks every single box, and he's a really nice person as well.  Plus he's great in the sack, so I figure why not.

He arrives, and we kiss briefly.  As this is not our first (or even tenth) time together, the pace is slower, gentler and yet more passionate.  We retire to bed, and simply kiss for what could be ages, or perhaps a few minutes.  I don't know.  What I do know is that we are looking into one anothers eyes the whole time, and it occurs to me that we are actually making love, not just fucking.  But fuck we did.  After a fabulous rimming, and an all-to-brief blowjob, he flips me onto my stomach and after an additional tongue fuck (for good measure), he drives his big dick in.  He's taking poppers today, and gets pretty aggressive with the pounding straight away.  It hurts!  So he slows down a little, and begins to kiss and caress me as his cock slides in and out of my ass.  I can only take this for so long, and pull out from underneath him.  Rolling onto my back, he begins to blow me again, taking his time and dragging his beard up and down my shaft and across my balls.  Heaven....

We pause briefly to clean up (my ass feels like a fucking drainpipe), then resume.  He's got me on my side, and coming at me from behind, but it feels like a baseball bat in my ass, so I beg off and blow him.  It only takes a minute or so, and he delights me with his usual joyful, noisy, explosive and incredibly productive climax.  My turn to then put him on all fours, and I begin to feed my cock into his ass.  Post orgasm, he is tight, very tight, and the pressure on my cock is incredible.  After a few short minutes, I flip him onto his back and spray my own load over his stomach and chest.

We shower and tidy up, whereupon he informs me it is prayer time, and turns to his devotions.  I am by no means a religious man (actually quite the opposite), but a strange calm seems to descend upon the house while this simple ritual takes place, and I am smiling.

He leaves after coffee, and I begin my own routine.  Fresh sheets (had to do it myself this time), scrub the computer and delete the buddy finder apps.  Now time to collect the family and back to the real world....


  1. How do you do this? Do you think your wife suspects things while she's traveling? Or should I just keep reading for the answer? Either way, love your blog.

    1. BTW - sadly I cannot access your blog. The pictures are available, but not the video links or anything written. "Blocked for my protection" according to the screen. Damn shame, as it looks pretty interesting too....

  2. thanks for the compliment! Sometimes I wonder if she suspects - I was recently traveling myself & met up with a mate. Her baldly stated assumption later was that we were shagging (we weren't). What was kinda weird was that she didn't seem too fazed by this.