Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fast fun...

I get a hit online from a guy I’ve met before.  He’s pretty good – tall, versatile, nice body and not-too-big a cock.  He’s got a place, so telling the wife I’m ‘out for coffee’, we agree to meet.  He’s all action tonight, and immediately drops to his knees and consumes my dick, giving it a solid sucking and licking, all the while fingering my hole.  I’m not in the mood to bottom tonight, but it feels pretty good so I let him continue until he drags me down onto the bedroom floor.  He’s on his back, with his cock standing proud, and my own is hard and wants more sucking.  We move into a 69, me sucking his dick and licking his shaft, but he pushes past my balls and starts to rim me out.  This is outstanding, and as I’m on top I take advantage to grind my hole into his face, and he can’t get enough, working his tongue right in and flicking it around.  As a bonus, he's not shaved today and his bristles add to the pleasure.  I lean down and begin to deep throat him, and find I can actually lick his balls with his dick in my mouth.  Either he’s not as big as he seems, or I’m getting better at this…

After some more fun, and nice body/nipple play, I’m super hot and hard, so ease off and flip him over.  I give him a few tentative thrusts, but he wants it standing up, so we change position.  Coming at him from behind, him with one leg up on the bed, I give it to him hard and fast, but find all too soon that I’m ready to cum. 

Ripping off the condom, I tell him this and he spins around and drops to his knees, mouth open.  It doesn’t take too long, and I shoot a load over his face, chest and hair.  Once done, he moves in and sucks me dry, after which I shower and leave.  Took maybe 20 minutes from go to blow - I love it when a plan comes together….

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