Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Letting go...

I read an insightful post http://mrsteed64.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-reports-of-my-death-are-greatly.html, on the ability of those with whom we only have a passing interaction to hurt us.  He included fuckbuddies and readers of his own blog in particular.  Those who inexplicably and rudely end casual relationships , or the ‘haters’ who eagerly devour his output, demanding “more” yet repeatedly criticizing what he writes. 

I found his comments to be of particular resonance.  This blog has been clear from the outset that it was an avenue for me to disclose and recount, without prejudice, my experiences in the shadowy world of homosexual relations and casual encounters in an environment where such things are actively disapproved.   I have also attempted to be objective, to the extent I often cast myself in a poor light.  However in my brief time as a blogger, I have experienced much the same as my fellow author.  People with whom one has a clear NSA relationship, yet who feel the need to disaffect or dismiss, often spitefully.  this is perhaps as a self defense mechanism, yet it still leaves one feeling somewhat confused, and dammit, on occasion, hurt.  Those also who send messages of an intensely personal and vindictive nature as a response to a particular post.  These comments are never morality based, rather the semi-abusive ravings of seemingly troubled minds.  Although sometimes I receive a 'like', and, on occasion, a nice SMS.  My only possible response to the haters can be to suggest finding another site to read, but again, it is occasionally hurtful.

I read also recently a post regarding the baggage we carry as a result of this lifestyle, and the constant hope many seem to have of finding ‘the one’ through such unlikely avenues as buddy finder apps or specific pages within social networking sites.  If anyone thinks that is going to be the place, as opposed to reality, they are truly destined for a lonely life.

As a result of this, I undertook an interesting exercise this morning.  Scrolling through my contacts, I noted many names belonging to those I have met along the way, and who have passed ‘the test’.  By this I simply mean they were fun, discreet and unconnected to me professionally.  A very small subset of people you meet online I can assure you.  Many harked back to encounters long since passed, and I see their names with a wistful smile.  However, in general, it seems these are not to be repeated, notwithstanding interest from my side.

So I deleted the lot.  A surprisingly liberating experience and highly recommended.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fast fun...

I get a hit online from a guy I’ve met before.  He’s pretty good – tall, versatile, nice body and not-too-big a cock.  He’s got a place, so telling the wife I’m ‘out for coffee’, we agree to meet.  He’s all action tonight, and immediately drops to his knees and consumes my dick, giving it a solid sucking and licking, all the while fingering my hole.  I’m not in the mood to bottom tonight, but it feels pretty good so I let him continue until he drags me down onto the bedroom floor.  He’s on his back, with his cock standing proud, and my own is hard and wants more sucking.  We move into a 69, me sucking his dick and licking his shaft, but he pushes past my balls and starts to rim me out.  This is outstanding, and as I’m on top I take advantage to grind my hole into his face, and he can’t get enough, working his tongue right in and flicking it around.  As a bonus, he's not shaved today and his bristles add to the pleasure.  I lean down and begin to deep throat him, and find I can actually lick his balls with his dick in my mouth.  Either he’s not as big as he seems, or I’m getting better at this…

After some more fun, and nice body/nipple play, I’m super hot and hard, so ease off and flip him over.  I give him a few tentative thrusts, but he wants it standing up, so we change position.  Coming at him from behind, him with one leg up on the bed, I give it to him hard and fast, but find all too soon that I’m ready to cum. 

Ripping off the condom, I tell him this and he spins around and drops to his knees, mouth open.  It doesn’t take too long, and I shoot a load over his face, chest and hair.  Once done, he moves in and sucks me dry, after which I shower and leave.  Took maybe 20 minutes from go to blow - I love it when a plan comes together….

Friday, 1 March 2013

the last hurrah (truly)!

With just hours before the family return, the engineer suddenly pings me.  He's back from his own travels and keen to hook-up.  I really like this guy - physically he ticks every single box, and he's a really nice person as well.  Plus he's great in the sack, so I figure why not.

He arrives, and we kiss briefly.  As this is not our first (or even tenth) time together, the pace is slower, gentler and yet more passionate.  We retire to bed, and simply kiss for what could be ages, or perhaps a few minutes.  I don't know.  What I do know is that we are looking into one anothers eyes the whole time, and it occurs to me that we are actually making love, not just fucking.  But fuck we did.  After a fabulous rimming, and an all-to-brief blowjob, he flips me onto my stomach and after an additional tongue fuck (for good measure), he drives his big dick in.  He's taking poppers today, and gets pretty aggressive with the pounding straight away.  It hurts!  So he slows down a little, and begins to kiss and caress me as his cock slides in and out of my ass.  I can only take this for so long, and pull out from underneath him.  Rolling onto my back, he begins to blow me again, taking his time and dragging his beard up and down my shaft and across my balls.  Heaven....

We pause briefly to clean up (my ass feels like a fucking drainpipe), then resume.  He's got me on my side, and coming at me from behind, but it feels like a baseball bat in my ass, so I beg off and blow him.  It only takes a minute or so, and he delights me with his usual joyful, noisy, explosive and incredibly productive climax.  My turn to then put him on all fours, and I begin to feed my cock into his ass.  Post orgasm, he is tight, very tight, and the pressure on my cock is incredible.  After a few short minutes, I flip him onto his back and spray my own load over his stomach and chest.

We shower and tidy up, whereupon he informs me it is prayer time, and turns to his devotions.  I am by no means a religious man (actually quite the opposite), but a strange calm seems to descend upon the house while this simple ritual takes place, and I am smiling.

He leaves after coffee, and I begin my own routine.  Fresh sheets (had to do it myself this time), scrub the computer and delete the buddy finder apps.  Now time to collect the family and back to the real world....

Last hurrah...

The return of the family is imminent, but I have one last chance.  After an evening watching some rather good and (occasionally) rather weird porn movies, I log on.  I start talking to a guy who himself is into some 'alternative' activities, but I'm not convinced and move on.  I have, however, mentally 'parked' him for future reference.  Let's called him 'the Deviant'.

As previously, the usual guys aren't around, but one re-activates a chat from last week. We'd spent a bit of time then, and cleared all the preliminary hurdles, so not long before I extend an invite.  Let's call him the Civil Servant...

He arrives at my place in a ridiculously expensive sports-car and climbs out.  He's hot.  Early 30's, not too tall.  Full head of hair, trimmed beard and a muscular body.  Well dressed without being ostentatious.  We share a drink and a cigarette, and after some initial kissing action, we decide to move upstairs.

We remain fully clothed  while we embrace and kiss, exploring one anothers mouths and faces with our lips and tongues.  Gradually, he starts to slide off his own clothes and mine, and we are left in our briefs.  Some licking, nibbling and biting through the fabric only serves to increase the temperature.  He gradually slides my briefs down, and my cock stands proud until it's engulfed by his mouth.  I enjoy his technique very much, and am happy for this to continue, but he turns me over and starts to rim out my ass, dragging his beard all over my cheeks and crack.  Wow.  He's active, working his tongue all over and into my hole and surrounds, taking the time to reach under and stroke my dick and balls as well.  It's good.  Damn good, and he demands I tell him so.

After more of this, he wants to fuck me.  I'm not that keen (yet), and buy some time by agreeing to reciprocate the treatment I've just had.  He's got a normal sized cut dick, which I can easily deep throat, and a nice set of balls to match.  His very cute bubble butt lends itself nicely to serious tongue action, and after rimming and aggressively fingering his ass, I decide to fuck him.  As I am kissing his ears from behind, I am slowly grinding my cock against his hole, and begin to nudge it in.  He's not happy, and rightly demands I don a condom, so I do.  He claims to be an anal virgin, but I'm not convinced.  I give him a  few preliminary thrusts, and he's crying out, so I slow it down a little.  After a minute or two, I am balls deep in the guy, and we start to fuck more seriously.  I flip him to his back, and give him some from that angle, but he wants to straddle me.  We change again, him now riding me on top, but I decide I've had enough and get him on all fours at the edge of the bed.

Standing behind, with him in the classic submissive position, I go in and pump him hard for a bit.  He's gasping, and I'm close to losing my load, so I pull out and we go in for some 69 and kissing action.  This guy has got pre-cum fairly dripping off his cock, and wants more.

He decides it's 'his turn' and rolls me onto my stomach.  Donning a condom, he's got me face down and spreads my legs apart.  He slides his cock into my well lubed ass and starts to pump.  It feels good, but he's got a jerky rhythm going and I'm not certain why.  Feeling his weight on top of me and his cock sliding in and out is enjoyable, but as I'm lying there I remember all that pre-cum.  The guy suddenly starts to fuck me quite hard for a brief period, then spasms, then stops.  He's lying on top of me, panting in my ear and licking my earlobes, and I know he's done.

I think that was the first time anyone has cum inside me?  As far as I can recall, everyone else has whipped it out at the last minute and gone all 'porn star' with the visible orgasm.  Must think about that.....