Monday, 25 February 2013

Unexpected pleasures

Despite swearing to avoid buddy finder apps, I find myself online.  I get a hit, and unexpectedly see the Jordanian smiling at me.  Onto chat and it's clear we're both horny.  My family are traveling, so I agree to host and he's with me in 15 minutes.

I open the door, and a different person is smiling at me.  It's unquestionably the same guy, but he's somehow different.  Certainly a lot bigger physically, and as he steps through and embraces me roughly, also clear that he's a lot more confident.  The bulge in his pants tells me he's not here to talk, so we repair upstairs.  As he strips, it's also clear his cock is a lot bigger than I remember it as well.  It seems the lad from a year or so back has blossomed into a man.  A quite dominant one at that...

He starts by tentatively sucking my dick, then quickly moves onto my balls.  He's got a good suction and rhythm going, but we switch to a 69 and I start to suck his now massive cock.  It takes me a bit to accommodate the thing, but I manage to deep throat him repeatedly, to the extent he is twitching and moaning.  He's got me by the ears, forcing his meat into my mouth, and I'm struggling to breathe.  So I turn him and start to eat his ass, dropping down to kiss his balls and tease his cock, interplaying this with rubbing my whiskers inside his thighs and crack, and nipping his backside as the Turk did for me.  It turns out he's ticklish, and he throws me onto my back to make me stop.  We kiss and stroke each other, then he starts to bite my shoulders and nipples as he grinds, then flips me over again.  As he straddles me, he stretches my legs apart and inserts his own massive frame between them.  He starts to nudge my hole with his dick, murmuring in my ear that he's "going to take his time", then begins to fuck me slowly, gradually increasing the tempo.  After some initial discomfort I am lovin' this, and make an inordinate amount of noise as he pounds my ass.  He then lifts me and sits me on top of his shaft, so we can kiss while I grind against his hips, which feels incredible.  Then he pushes me back onto my stomach and re-enters me from behind.

As he is ramming me, he grabs my shoulders and begins to fuck me even harder.  Then, he starts to make incredible snorting and snarling noises and begins biting my neck and back.  Initially it's alarming as he is so raw and animal like, plus he could snap me in half if he chose to, but it's also incredibly hot.  He's literally holding me with his teeth as he shoves his cock further and further into me, making me moan with extraordinary pleasure.  He flips me onto my back and lifts my legs high into the air, and starts to take me that way, banging away and ramming his cock into me for all he is worth

Suddenly he pulls out and removes the condom.  'Time' he says, flopping onto his back next to me.  I am also about to cum, and the sudden void in my rear triggers an amazing orgasm and, given I had scored a pretty good blowjob the night before, a fair amount of sperm.  He's now stroking his own dick, and I go in to pleasure his balls and ass, but he grabs my hair and drags me up to bite his nipples.  Hard.  I'm happy to oblige, and he shoots a load all over his hairy chest and stomach.  We lie about for a while, then it's time for him to shower and leave.  Bliss.

Having been flipped, stretched, bent, bitten and generally treated like a bitch (in a good way...), I am feeling somewhat stiff and sore the next day.  Yet I am smiling at the knowledge that the boy has become a bear...

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