Thursday, 28 February 2013

The player...

Family unexpectedly delayed their return by a day or two, so I got back online.  A few guys I'd been chatting with weren't around, but one promising lead was.  I hit him up, and he sent across pics of what appeared to be a monster cock, and some fairly explicit details of what he'd like to do to me.  After the usual 'do I know you' bullshit, we agreed to meet.

Turns out the cock was normal sized and attached to a compact, but hot, guy.  He's Lebanese (tick),  got a tightly muscled body, a shaved head & a beard (tick and tick).  And a fabulous ass.  He's late 20's and did I mention he was pretty damn hot?  So we head back to mine and bed,  but it is super late and I've had a few drinks.  Performance anxiety!

Turns out all is good.  We spend some time exploring one anothers bodies, kissing, fondling and playing with one another.  But this guy just loves to rim and suck.  He dives in and chews my ass out sensationally, and at length, working his tongue right in.  His beard is dragging up and down my inner thighs and ass cheeks, and it's my turn to moan and twitch.  It doesn't last too long however, and he moves on to an outstanding blowjob, then jerked off a stonking great load of strongly smelling cum all over my chest.  We clean up, and he leaves.  The whole thing took less than 20 minutes.

The next morning, all I can smell is his cum on me and in the room .  I open the window, and as I leave for the office I tell the maid 'everything' needs washing.....

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