Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tailoring and teasing...

February 2013  Over the past few months I have come to know a guy via our respective wives.  He's a cool dude, former military, now active in charity work.  He's also built like a refrigerator, with a physique well past 'awesome', but happily short of 'weight lifter'.  We first met at a party, when he complimented me on a pair of pants I was wearing.  Tailoring in this part of the world is pretty cheap, and it so happens these had been recently made.  When I told him this, his face lit up and he became very enthusiastic, commenting on various details of them, and how I had it done 'just right' etc etc.  Lets call him 'Fashion guy'.

2 weeks later, he calls and tells me he's heading into the part of town where the tailors are, and would I like to accompany him, so I did.  We. Went. Button. Shopping.  I could practically feel my man parts shriveling as we discussed the merit of tortoise shell v plain and so on, but it was an enjoyable evening.

Last night we go to an embassy ball and he's there with his wife.  We have a pleasant night, drinking and talking, and then it was time to leave.  He had earlier dragged me aside to show me some detail of his watch, the whole time in a conversation loaded with ribald double entendre.  But other than fashion, he's always struck me a totally straight guy, if a tad narcissistic.

So, as we leave, he grabs me, in public, and kisses me.  I stepped back, a little surprised, and gave him the "really...?" eyebrow.  He took this as an encouragement, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in to kiss again, this time working his tongue actively into my mouth.  Our wives are standing right there, even more surprised than me, and mine grabs me and drags me out the door.  To say she was angry, especially after the incident with the Friend a few weeks back, would be something of an understatement.  I put his actions down to drunkenness and leave it at that.

Next morning I wake with a heavy head and a flashing light on my phone.  "More to come" he says...

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  1. hahaha you're getting close to exposure!