Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Things that make you go hmmmm (part 3 - finally!)

January 2013.  After far too many drinks on NYE, The Friend and I are alone – all have either left the party or gone to bed.  Our conversation turns back to the one we had in Sin City.  I make a few comments suggesting I may have interests “elsewhere” also, when he suddenly blurts out “I wanted to be the one in bed with you drinking champagne”.  I ask him straight up (haha) if he’s gay.  The poor bastard tells me he can’t say “that”, but nods his head.  I ask if that’s why he broke off his engagement and he nods again.

I ask why he didn’t just proceed with the marriage and fool around like the rest of us do, and suddenly he stands up.  I think I’ve crossed a line and he’s going to leave, when he reaches over and kisses me long, hard and lingeringly.  Of course I respond, and we stand for a few minutes exploring with our tongues and lips before stepping back.  This is awkward – he doesn’t want anyone in our circle to know (and neither do I), and we now co-exist in a wary state of silence on the subject.  Hilariously, my horoscope tells me “I will meet the love of my life tonight”….

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