Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Things that make you go hmmmm (part 1)

Dec 2012              On a last minute impulse, I head for Sin City with a few (very straight) mates.  One brings along a ‘family friend since way back’.  He’s a nice guy – I’ve met him at parties previously, but never had much to do with him.  He’s good looking in a local way, nicely built and funny.  Let’s call him “The Friend”.
After landing, we head to the hotel, where we proceed to drink, laugh and talk until sun-up, when we head for our respective rooms.  Shortly thereafter there is a banging on my door and it’s one of my mates, holding a bottle of champagne.  I let him in, but inform him I am both drunk and tired and going back to bed.  “No problem” he says as he gets some glasses from the cabinet, and follows me into the bedroom.  I am a bit surprised by this, but he cheerfully opens the fizz, kicks off his shoes and climbs into bed with me.  We actually had a lovely morning drinking champagne, watching local MTV and talking.  Our wives were amused to learn of this (via many a ribald SMS), but not so much the Friend, which I didn’t quite understand until later.

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