Sunday, 13 January 2013

The (Teddy) Bear

May 2012.  After some chatting online, I agree to meet with a guy who seems to tick all the right boxes.  He arrives at the café, and I’m not disappointed.  Stocky and well built, not too tall, and a killer smile.  As a bonus, he’s Arabic and wearing a tight shirt to show off his body, unbuttoned to display an encouraging amount of chest hair, and nipples that are quite proudly showing through the fabric.  All I want to do is reach over and pinch the nipples, but of course we are in public and one has to have some standards….  Let’s call him ‘Teddy’.

He has plans, so after a coffee we part company.  I was a little disappointed, but what to do?  A few weeks later, he calls me and we agree to meet again.  It seems he has been traveling and moving house, but is now in a position to ‘entertain’, so would I like to catch up?  Ummm, yeah!

I get to the place, and he opens the door.  Entering, I don’t get far before we are embracing one another and shoving our tongues down each others throats.  This leads to caressing and talking, but quickly also to the bedroom.  Stripping to our underwear, we climb onto the bed and roll around together for a bit, playing with one anothers bodies (and those nipples!), and grinding a lot.  It turns out the guy loves having his upper body and nipples especially played with, so I am happy to oblige.  After some time of this, he flips me onto my back, and begins to enter me.  He’s got a nice dick, cut and normal sized, but it’s fat.  Really fat, so a bit uncomfortable as he enters me.  But, he’s patient and eventually he gets it in.  All this time he’s been holding my legs back, with my knees around my ears, but he finally lets go as he starts to thrust.  It’s good, but shortly after he withdraws and takes off the condom.  Sitting on top of me and grinding against my own cock and balls, he starts to jerk off, eventually shooting his load all over my chest, closely followed by my own.
Having had my legs stretched so far back (not to mention my butthole), I find it a little difficult to walk the next day – a painful reminder of our encounter, but one that kept me half-hard and smiling as well…

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