Sunday, 6 January 2013

The son of a preacher man (part one)

Dec 2010 – again, social media comes to the rescue, and I hook up with a guy online.  After some preliminary discussions, we work out that we are unknown to each other (can you imagine getting to a rendezvous and finding a colleague waiting?  Aaack!).  He sends me a map to his residence, in a very congested part of town.  I get there and make my way to the nominated apartment.  This guy is quite short, but very good looking, and a nice cut dick of about 6”.  It’s clearly a rented flat, so I ask what the story is - “My folks are kind of conservative, so I keep this as a place to meet people”.  It is, in effect, his fuck-pad.  We have a few drinks and exchange pleasantries, through which he tells me of his recent weight loss and gym routine.  I encourage him to display the results, and he promptly removes his outfit and stands before me in just his underwear, with an encouraging bulge prominent.  We make out on the couch a lot, then retire to the bedroom.  Silk sheets!  He’s right into sucking, so I lie back and enjoy the various sensations.  After working on me for a bit, I reciprocate, and with much grinding we share a load on one another. 

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