Monday, 14 January 2013

Teddy time

July 2012.  I’m down at the supermarket, loading up on groceries and all that boring kind of stuff, when my phone beeps.  It’s the Teddy, wondering if I would “care to pass by”.  Damn right I would, so I dump the trolley, and head off to his apartment.  As it’s my second visit, things are a bit more relaxed, and we spend some time catching up before heading to the bedroom.  We have a good session, with plenty of nipple play and some biting, but for some reason he’s distracted and not particularly hard.  Sensing my opportunity, I announce that I’ll be doing the fucking today, and flip him onto his back.  He’s more than willing to take it, but I’ll be damned if I can get a rhythm going, so change him to doggie style.  This worked well, and I give him a good old-fashioned fucking, all the while reaching around to play with his nipples.  After a bit of this, I’m ready to shoot, so flip him onto his back and ask where he wants the load.  “On me” he replies, so with a finger or two of his stimulating my butthole and our balls grinding together, I jerk off and shoot all over him, relishing each stroke and moment.  After we chill together watching TV, smoking and talking.  Nice.

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