Monday, 14 January 2013

Teddy time (again)

November 2012.  Teddy and I make contact, although I can’t recall who called who.  We agree to meet after work one night, and plans are duly made.  I get to his apartment, and he’s just as hot as ever, plus keen to push a few boundaries this time.  We start with some pretty aggressive nipple play, then onto a hard a fast 69, each of us trying to get our cocks further down the others throat to the point where I am holding him by the arse and force feeding myself.  I squirm around to change my position, still sucking on his cock, when he starts to put one, then two fingers up me and pump them quite hard, forcing my mouth even further down his shaft.

I’m not particularly noisy in bed, but this guy has me moaning with pleasure and hungry for more.  After more kissing and sucking, and a lot of nipple biting, he turns me onto my back and lifts my legs skyward.  He has a pretty fat cock, and despite the fingers, I’m tight and it’s uncomfortable.  We change positions, so that he’s on his back and I’m straddling him, but as I grind the damn thing keeps sliding out.  We go back to me on my back, and he gives me a solid fucking with a mutually satisfying conclusion.  Rather than clean up, he wants to cuddles and we end up slightly stuck together , our cum squished between us.  I choose to go home unwashed in order to enjoy the smell for a bit longer.  Teddy is proving to be a tricky one – nice guy, good company and great in bed.  But given my own circumstances, NSA is a must, so not sure how to take it forward.

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