Monday, 7 January 2013

Sin city (again!)

December 2011.  I find myself back in Sin city, and the phone beeps.  It’s the Saudi, and he’s in town, where am I?  How about lunchtime?  I’m always a fan of the daytime hookup, so reschedule my diary and head for his hotel.

He’s staying in a very grand place, and I go up to the appointed floor.  As I approach, the door swings back and I step into the room.  He’s standing behind it, wearing only briefs and a smile.  It was a quick one, with an added thrill of open curtains and the possibility of being seen.  He’s good, with an even better body than I remember.  I tell him this and he informs he’s spent the morning doing laps of the pool.  As I go down on him, the unmistakable smell of chlorine on his balls confirms this, and yet somehow that makes it even hotter.  Once again he manages to fuck me while blowing me, and I’m done and out within 45 minutes.  I love it when a plan comes together.

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