Monday, 7 January 2013

Picture this…

November 2011.  I am invited to an art exhibition opening, and decide to attend.  The gallery is not especially crowded, however there is a good looking guy clearly checking me out.  I wander off to an even quieter room, and lo, he follows.  Admiring one of the pictures, he informs me he knows the artist, and would I like to meet him?  This guy has nice body (tick), clearly of Levantine origin (double tick), and is somehow managing to caress the back of my hand with the hairs on his wrist as we speak.  Hmmm.  We speak with the artist briefly, and move back to the less crowded room.  Phone numbers are exchanged and he must depart with his friends for dinner.  Let’s call him The Gallerist.

Next afternoon my phone rings.  It’s the gallerist, and would I like to meet for coffee?  Tonight he’s wearing an open necked shirt, clearly displaying a mass of chest hair (triple tick), and tells me he lives nearby and his flatmate works evenings, so how about heading back?  I don’t need too much encouragement.

Into the apartment, and we don’t make it past the foyer.  Serious kissing, groping and fondling follows, falling onto the couch for some heavier work and a lot of grinding.  We move to the bedroom, and clothes are removed.  Did I say hairy?  The guy has a pelt whereby I can’t tell his chest from his stomach from his groin or even his legs.  In the middle of all this hair a 7” cut dick stands proud.  Yum.  As a bigger bonus, the “nice” body turns out to be wiry, muscular and firm.  Very firm.  I am in heaven, just caressing him and being caressed, all while some serious tongue action and nipple play is going on.  The guy has a bubble butt but he’s not into fucking, so a lot of friction work and naked grinding, and a lot more tongue.  He gives a blowjob to rival the Jordanian, and it doesn’t take long before we cum together and filth up all his fur.  Interestingly, he uses baby wipes to clean us up.  Most effective.  In all, outstanding!

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