Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy endings.…

Mar 2012.  To be honest, it’s been a bit of a drought.  Not much opportunity to travel, flirt or play, and I’m feeling it.  Since my first visit to Turkey many years back, I’ve been a huge fan of the hamam – these are not as common as you would think in this part of the world, so I am pleasantly surprised to learn there are a few in my current hometown, so I begin a project to visit them, with a secret hope that the sybaritic, redolent and sex-charged atmosphere just might be replicated. 

After a few disappointments (either too dirty or too strict), I find one near my home.  However it is a very different model here, with no public spaces – all is done in private, one on one.  Beginning with the massage, I am stretched out on the bench enjoying the various sensations.  The guy is good - tall (tick), and muscled in a masseur kind of way (another tick) and giving off the ‘right’ sort of vibe (triple tick).  He’s working on my lower back, and slides the shorts down to expose my ass.  “Remove sir?” he asks, and I consent.  He slid the shorts down my legs, dragging his fingers perhaps just a little too slowly, while I remained lying on my stomach.  From here the massage got more interesting – he worked my butt and inner legs, teasing me mercilessly, until I was hard (which didn't take long….).  When he told me to turn over, I asked for a towel, although having brushed my balls and cock-head repeatedly, he was well aware of the state I was in.  I, however, was unaware of his state until I lifted my head.  The guy has stripped to a jockstrap, and is also packing quite a bulge.  ‘No need for a towel sir’ he smiled as I lay there with my dick now pointing skyward.

He continues the massage, avoiding my balls and rock hard dick, but clearly focusing on the various other erogenous zones, driving me insane with sensation.  He has draped a towel over my face, effectively blindfolding me, and all I can feel is the touch of his hands.  It is good, very good, and I start to shift a little restlessly, both out of pleasure and as by now I really want to cum.  He seems to sense this, and slows down accordingly.  Till now he has been massaging my stomach, upper and inner thighs, as well as finger tingling visits to my ass cheeks.  Now he begins to slowly drag his fingers up my legs and across my balls, heightening the sensations by using his other hand to lightly drum his fingers over my chest and abdomen.  All I can think of is this guy in a jockstrap busy working my body, and I want to touch his.  I’m trying to get the courage to do this, when an entirely different sensation overwhelms me.  The guy has started (finally!) on my dick but it doesn't feel like a massage.  I peek out from under the towel, and realize he’s in fact going down on me, and working my balls with his fingers.  After a minute or so of this, I am close to shooting, so have to push him off me.  He gets the message, and starts to wank me, but slowly.  It doesn't take long, and I shoot a load all over myself.  He wipes me down, and leads me to the shower…

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