Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy endings (again…)

April 2012.  After my massage experience, I decide to visit the same place again, this time for the bath.  The same guy is available, and smiles at me in anticipation.  I figure why not and agree. 

We go into the room, and he dims the light while I strip.  If you are unfamiliar with the arrangements in these places, there is typically a standard massage room, with a private steam room attached.  This contains a tiled bench, a shower and a hose, plus the usual array of soaps, shampoos and so on.

After another lengthy, dick teasing (but blow job free) massage, the guy sits me up and takes my hand, leading me into the steam room.  I am standing there, naked and hard, while he hoses me with warm water and directs me to lie down on the tiled bench.   We begin with a soap massage, whereby he liberally covers me in dark thick jello-like soap, then begins to remove it with something akin to a brillo pad.  After a (very) thorough soaping, paying particular attention to my dick and balls, followed by the scrub, he disappears only to return in a minute or so, now also naked.  As mentioned, he’s tall and fit, and now sporting a nice looking 6” cut tool that’s semi hard.  “Again” he says, indicating I should lie on my stomach.  He once again begins to soap me up, but this time he climbs on top of me in order to do my back.  He’s straddling me, and I can feel his balls resting in my ass crack, and occasionally his dick against my back, so I start to get hard.  It’s a bit uncomfortable, so I shift a little.  He takes this as some sort of signal, and slides his own now hard dick between my butt cheeks and starts to grind and thrust, pinning me down on the bench.  What with the soap, the steam, and his fairly tidy body, I am reminded of the bathhouse I visited in Lebanon, and the super hot guys there.  It only takes a minute or so of his grinding and, still pinned down, I shoot an ass-bucking, foot trembling load into the suds.  The guy rinses me down, slaps me on the rump and says ‘next time’ before leaving me to dress in peace…

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