Monday, 14 January 2013

Farcical encounters

October 2012.  The engineer and I have been in ongoing phone and text contact, but we can’t get it together (or find a place) to meet.  Suddenly he calls and invites me to his place, as his own family have travelled.  Incredibly, I can’t make it, and they are only away for the night.  He calls again the next day, informing that they have extended the trip – am I free.  Damn right I am, so head off to his place.  He lives in a shared house (common in this part of the world), but all are out, but we head straight for the bed.  We’re having a great time, kissing, fondling, sucking and rimming, when the front door bangs.  The engineer leaps out of bed, throws on his pants and goes to investigate.  Apparently his brother has passed by on some family business, but he leaves him to it and comes back to bed.

We are (very quietly) continuing, when the brother suddenly knocks at the bedroom door.  My friend literally shoves me off the bed, and tells me to climb under it.  He calls out to his brother that he’s wanking, so to hang on.  The brother laughs and says to take his time.  The Engineer throws me a cushion and a blanket and says he’ll be back shortly.  He eventually gets rid of the brother and returns to bed, but the squeaking noise it makes while we fuck has him paranoid, so we move to the floor and get right into it, again with me on my side and him coming at me from behind.  Once more he climaxes very loudly and produces an incredible amount of cum.  At this stage I haven’t shot my own load yet, so he moves down and starts to blow me.  He’s doing a good job, working his tongue and sucking my balls, and suddenly takes his mouth off me and starts to lick my cock while rubbing it on his unshaven face.  The bristles were just the right length to thrill rather than scrape, and I warn him I’m about to cum.  He knows this, and asks for a facial.  I’m happy to oblige.

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