Monday, 14 January 2013

Buddy finder fuck-ups

August 2012.  With the family travelling, I have the place to myself and decide to entertain.  I log onto a well-known buddy finder, and see what happens.  One guy hits me up almost immediately, and we begin to chat.  He’s an interesting prospect (and, it seems into bondage and leather), but we haven’t cleared my “20-questions-to-ensure-I-don’t-know-you” just yet, when he starts to send me pics.  The guy has an outstanding body, and over the course of 3-4 pictures he reveals all, including a world-class dick and balls.  As I still don’t quite know who he is, I haven’t sent anything, when he sends a face pic.  I find myself looking at one of my own staff, so quickly end the chat.  To this day I can’t quite look at the guy the same way. 

I don’t give a shit that he’s gay (clearly), but it’s the sheer displacement in his trousers that’s got me fascinated….


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    1. no - mid-30's and 'devoted to his mother' as they say...