Monday, 14 January 2013

Buddy finder fabulousness

August 2012.  I give the buddy finder another go, and get chatting.  The guy is patient and sympathetic to my need to quiz people, and the chat goes well.  A night or two later, he hits me again, and I figure “why not”, so we meet.  Let’s call him “The Engineer”.  This guy is the package.  Tall, well built, handsome, Arabic, not too hairy and the tick list just goes on and on.  He’s also married and needs to be as discreet as I do.  We decide to return to my place, and it’s on.  He loves to kiss, loves to fondle and loves to take things slowly.  We get to bed, and he wants to kiss my body, slowly working his way to my arse, where he starts to rim me in a most satisfying manner.  This continues for a while, and move into a kind of reverse 69 where we are rimming each other, when he rolls me to my side and starts to fuck me from behind.  He’s pretty well hung, so it’s a little uncomfortable at first, then we get a rhythm going and it’s good.  At the last minute he withdraws, pulls off his condom and starts to jerk off, before having a very noisy climax.  It's like Meg Ryan all over again, but I have never in my life seen so much cum or seen it go so far, (including the National).  I am drenched, literally drenched in it, from my thighs to my face and the bedding beyond.  We need a towel to clean it up.

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