Sunday, 6 January 2013

Boys, toys and other massive accessories

June 2011.  Having upgraded my technology, I now have access to a popular ‘buddy finder’.  Mindful of prior experiences, I subject anyone who wants to hit me up with a barrage of questions, in order to ensure we are (and will remain) strangers.  One guy is quite persistent, and open to my ongoing quizzing, so we agree to meet.  He’s normal height, good looking in a Lebanese kind of way (which I am very much into), and claims to have a 12” dick.  After the mandatory ‘public meeting’, he offers coffee back at his place, so I follow.  We sit and chat on his couch for a bit, then he reaches over and squeezes my package.  We up and go to the bedroom, where I notice a photo of a very handsome bear in full leather kit by the bed.  “My ex” the curt explanation.

We start to fool about, and his pants come down.  My God.  I have never seen anything like it outside a porn flick – the promised 12”, and girth like you wouldn’t believe.  How he packs it into his pants I have no idea.  It’s slow to get going, and he suddenly asks if I’m into toys.  I figure why not, so say yes.  Out comes the 18” double-ended dildo and a smaller single one.  We fool about for a bit with these, then he starts to suck me off while massaging my butthole.  Then one finger goes in, then another, and I start to feel uncomfortable.  He’s patient and persistent, so I relax and go with it.  After a time squirming and enjoying, he asks to fuck me.  With that?  No way – but again, he’s patient and persistent, and announces after a few minutes that “it’s in”.  I look down and lo and behold, I’ve taken the whole thing.  He begins to pump a little, but I cannot bear the pressure on my glands and start to leak pre-cum.  He quickly withdraws, and asks me to fuck him with the double-ender.  I do this while sucking him, but it’s all too hot and I cum all over his stomach and chest.  After some determined wanking, he matches me in distance and volume.  Cleaning up after, he smilingly tells me he got 4 fingers into me before he fucked me.  No wonder it hurt ;)

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