Monday, 17 December 2012

Using the pool (part 2)

June 2007 (it was a busy month!).  Having exchanged a few NSFW texts with the Moroccan, he sends another, looking to ‘catch up in person’.  Invite him over for a swim (he doesn’t drink).  Surprise surprise, he accepts a beer, and we sit by the edge of the pool, dangling our feet in the water.  He gives much angst about his certain damnation, both for the beer in his hand and the thoughts in his head.  He finds his “obsession” with me unsettling, and is scared ‘the man upstairs’ will ensure he doesn’t get to paradise.  Bored with this, I head indoors, and he follows.  Curious to see what happens, I head upstairs to the bedroom.  He follows.  I emerge from the bathroom, and he’s there, naked and hard.  We get on the bed, and he asks me to assume the doggy position, so I do.  He then asks me to start jerking off, while he crouches behind me “admiring the view”.  After he tentatively touches my balls, it’s all too fucking hot and I let go and shoot my load, and he then comes in behind and shoots a vast amount himself onto the sheets between my legs.  Afterwards, lying in bed, I am still not allowed to touch him….

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