Monday, 17 December 2012

Using the pool (part 1)

June 2007.  The professional sends me a text.  “Let’s catch up again”.  Now ensconced in the villa, I invite him over for ‘drinks’.  After his arrival and some pleasantries, things quickly degenerate into a cheesy porn flick.  He decides to swim, but ‘forgot his trunks’, so in he goes, naked.  “Am I joining?”.  I strip (slowly, because I’m a tease), and dive in.  Horseplay and hard-ons quickly follow, with much pashing and underwater rubbing.  We decide for the sake of discretion to retire inside, where we repeat our previous encounter, again more than once  J  He asks my nationality (which is not apparent from either my looks or accent), and then informs me his former long-term bf is of the same extraction.  He had recently been dumped (for another soccer player!), and was now ‘looking’.  It slowly dawns on me that his interest was perhaps more commercial than physical, a fact confirmed by a request for a loan as he left.  I pleaded poor (slightly difficult given my surroundings), and he left, unhappy.

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