Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Steamy Singapore

June 2008.  Hit town about midnight and go hunting for action.  Despite its reputation, this is a very tolerant town and much fun is to be had.  With mandatory national service, most local lads are fit and surprisingly handsome. Sadly, the map function on my phone was too small to read, so a promising new sauna couldn’t be found - frustratingly, I later discovered at was at the right place, but looking in the wrong direction.  Next afternoon was somewhat more successful.  An all day sauna, an outstanding underwear + toy emporium and a nightclub all within walking distance of my hotel.  Decide to try the emporium first.  Get talking to the service guy about ‘enhancing’ underwear, but play dumb as to how it works.  “Easy Sir, come this way”.  Into the changeroom and he drops his pants to show me what he’s wearing.  “Try these” he says, handing over a fresh pair.   I play dumb as to how they fit, so he reaches over to help me out.  In the end, he drops to his knees and sorts me nicely with a tidy blowjob, swallowing every drop of my load while working my nipples with his hands.

Left there and headed for the day club.  Given I’d just had a go with the underwear guy, I decided to play the passive role for a bit, and cruised around the fairly empty sauna.  Big tough local guy (tatts, muscles), comes over and wants to play, so we retire to a cubicle.  He pushes me to my knees, and drops his towel.  “Ahh, face fuck” he says, shoving his member at me.  Sadly, his dick was about the size of my little finger, but  I did my best, and let him shoot a disproportionately large load onto my chest before heading for the showers and steam room.  Much more satisfying, with plenty of groping and fondling.  One guy grabs me and shoves me into a darker corner, and starts to blow me and work my arse with his fingers.  He’s good, and I respond quickly.  Having shot a load not 2 hours before, I thought it could take a while, but all went well.

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