Monday, 17 December 2012

Social media success! (of a kind…)

October 2007.  After chatting online for a while with a French guy, we exchange numbers.  Turns out he lives right near my office, so it’s a quiet day & I agree to have coffee with him.  Utterly, utterly dreamy, handsome and, being a soccer player, he’s very fit.  I’m hard just looking at him (awkward outside Starbucks…), and suggest the coffee is shite and he could maybe do a better cup at his place.  We head off.  Can I tell you again how divinely handsome he was?  We have a heavy session on the couch, then retire to the bedroom.  He gives me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had, but won’t let me fuck him.  So I reciprocate the blowjob and we come together and on each other.  In the shower he asks if I get ‘much action’, and I recount some of the tales above, including a passing mention of the cute lawyer.  My new friend goes quiet, and asks if the lawyer ‘has a Palestinian friend’.  Too many dots are connecting here, and I guess (correctly), that this friend is ‘the professional’.  The Frenchman is now quite agitated, and insists that I mention our encounter to no-one, as the lawyer is insanely jealous and, on occasion, violent.  Scary shit, but talk about a small town….

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