Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sin City (part 2)

Dec 2008.  Next week, and I’m back at the same place.  Same guy comes over, and introduces me to his mate.  Gorgeous looking guy, wiry and short, who turned out to be a cop, but there for the same reason as the rest of us.  We chat for a bit, then my friend offers ‘another ride’, so I accept.  We detour again, but this time to a hotel.  He tells the clerk we have a long drive ahead and want to rest for an hour or two.  All is fine and we head to the room.  Once in, my friend strips and I see he in fact has a massive dick - 10” if nothing.  He’s shy about this (wtf?), saying it sometimes ‘doesn’t get hard’ and ‘people say it hurts too much’, so we go for a shower and some fun. 

Hard didn’t prove to be a problem, so we head for the bed, dripping wet.  He will not fuck me (I was happy about that), but wants me to fuck him, then jerk off together.  So I do, and he’s grinding me pretty hard, so I pull out and shoot my load.  He starts jerking off, and I’m mesmerized.  That huge dick bouncing around in his hand, slapping his chest on the upstroke and his legs on the down.  After just a few minutes, he shoots his load, and all I can think is ‘cum cannon’, for the size, the amount that he shot and the distance that it went.  He was perched on the foot of the bed and his load hit the wall behind me!  He got me as well, but that’s good.  We tidied up and left together, again dropping me near mine.

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