Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sin city (part 1)

Dec 2008.  A new town, a new country.  Still in the sandpit, but now a place with a racy reputation and an endless variety of nightlife on offer.  I head to a ‘noted haunt’, mindful of occasional but well publicized police raids, to see what’s going on.  A lot it seems.  Straight off a young guy comes over and asks if I’m new, as he hasn’t seen me before.  We talk.  He’s quite good looking, fit body and not much else to tell.  Let's call him 'the national'.  After some drinks and chat, he informs he lives not too far from me, and offers a ride home.  We get near my place, and he turns off suddenly.  I’m thinking this could go horribly wrong, but he swings into a quiet lot and reaches down for my dick.  After sucking me for a while, he wriggles down his pants and climbs on top of me.  It was a decent sized car, but we were cramped until I reclined the seat.  He rides me for a bit, but it’s dark and we have shirts on, so I can’t see much.  I push him off before I shoot, and he swallows the lot.  I look over and he seems well hung, but difficult to tell.  He drops me near my home and I walk the last bit as I'd rather he didn't know just where I lived.

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