Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Serendipity strikes

May 2009.  Family have taken off to explore some churches or ruins or something, so I am on my own for a week, and decide to make the most of it.  I head for the usual place, and find myself in conversation with a really charming local guy.  Not as tall as one would hope, but a lovely guy.   Nice body and good looking a bonus as well.  After a bit, we decide to head to his place, where we engage in some rather fun activities, on an equal basis.  Like I said, a nice body and a healthy sized dick.  Over the course of my explorations these past years, I have conformed to one stereotype or another, relative to my companion and situation.  Not having a ‘role’ made this a thoroughly satisfying encounter, and I find my thoughts turning to this guy more and more over the coming days.  Let’s call him ‘the designer’.

I sent a text, inviting him to my place, just 2 days after we met, and he quickly accepts.  We talked, we laughed, we smoked (I drank), and we fucked.  And fucked.  And fucked.   On the floor, on the couch and in the bed.  We also tickled and wrestled (a lot), and those careless, carefree activities were quite liberating.  Did I mention we fucked?  Am I going mushy?  Perhaps a little…

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