Monday, 17 December 2012

HK (part 2)

After some days spent drinking, eating and shopping, I had a few more places in mind to visit.  Now aware of the bathhouse timings, I headed there for what I hoped would be the post-work rush hour.  I wasn’t disappointed.  A tiny place, with much squeezing and groping as we passed in the tiny corridors.  I found myself in a room with a western guy (???), then a local slipped in and got down on all fours.  The westerner and I exchanged nods, and positioned ourselves at either end of our eager new friend.  My first ‘spit roast’!  The poor lad didn't know what hit him - two well hung western guys banging away at each end while he gagged and squirmed on our poles.

Dinner, some drinks and a long after-dinner walk followed.  I noticed I was rather near another bathhouse on my list, so decided to investigate.

It was dire.  After getting ‘the look’ from the young guy at the desk, I undressed and began to explore.  After just a few minutes it was clear that yes, I was the only patron…  I circled back to the front desk, and asked when things might improve.  “Not really sir” was the depressing answer, so I asked if he was keen.  “Oh but I must stay at the desk in case someone does come”.  “Easy”, I replied. “I’ll fuck you right here….”  He was more than eager, and ran about getting towels, condoms and so on.  He felt duty bound to maintain his desk role, so in order for him to keep an eye on the CCTV screen I got him on all fours and came in from behind on my knees to pound his tight little ass.  I emptied my load into the condom and left him to tidy up while I showered.  Early flight the next day and I was on my way home, via Singapore.

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