Monday, 17 December 2012

HK (part 1)

After the heat got too much, and the family still away, I decide to head out as well.  Hong Kong, one of my favourite cities (along with Istanbul of course!).  Settling into my hotel, conveniently located near the ‘underground’ bars as they are known, I head out around 10pm.  First stop a bathhouse I had heard about.  Dammit, it shuts at 8pm…

Onto a secret bar, where I am surrounded by gorgeous young men, all fit, all wearing brief/tight/revealing clothing.  I get talking to one, who is distant, to say the least.  I’m about to give up, when he turns and says “we should just get the fuck out of here and go to my place”.  I smile and we depart.

The taxi takes us just a little way down Connaught Rd, then makes a sharp turn into a very plush, elegant, pick-a-word apartment building.  A nod to the concierge and we are in the elevator, up to the top floor.
My first penthouse was not a disappointment.  The view went for days over to Kowloon and beyond, the lights twinkling and the night clear.  'Yeah', he says, 'my mom’s place but she’s in Paris this month'. 
We embrace, kissing all the while and he leads me to the bathroom.  We undress, each as hard as the other, and he climbs into the tub.  Without turning on the water, he stretches out on the porcelain.  “Piss on me please” he asks…  Now, I’m hard and half drunk, but I managed to fulfill his wish.  He returned the favour (after we showered), by blowing me for what felt like an hour, culminating in a genuine knee-trembling, moaning, head tossing orgasm.  A full-on Meg Ryan on my part!  In all, an outstanding night!

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