Sunday, 16 December 2012

first up....

May 2007.  So I am on the other side of the world, alone and perhaps a little bit frightened.  The culture, the people, the language and even the alphabet are totally different.  After many years of tugging my forelock to familial and corporate expectations, I receive a a fortuitous job offer in a distant land and decide to go for it.

My new home has a heavily restricted internet and cultural norms that strongly disapprove of homosexuality.  Research is difficult to say the least, yet it (gayness that is), is fairly dripping off the walls.

So I decide to get out there and see what happens.  No one to answer to for a few months, but a job that depends on a certain decorum, so discretion and low-level paranoia come to define my explorations...

The blog name?  Given what I've just told you above, and with a hat tip to Dorian Gray, this is my 'picture'.  The one that shows the other side of my life - that my family, friends and colleagues have no idea exists.

Weston Liggett?  Astute readers will know the character.  Rich, heartless, philandering bastard.  All this has been said of me as well.  "A bad man from a good family" as they say.  The fact that Lawrence Harvey was also married-but-gay completes the circle nicely.

Me?  In my own mind I am a normal guy who could use a bit more bulk on him.  Better legs would be nice as well.  Others tell me I'm tall and very handsome, and, despite being "of an age", I still seem to attract a certain amount of attention, which is flattering.

Bear with me as I recount some tales, starting with my arrival in the sandlands in 2007.  Scheherazade I'm not, but perhaps, dear reader, you'll be amused.  Perhaps horrified.  I'll never know unless you tell me, whoever you might be...

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