Thursday, 20 December 2012

Egyptians and their obelisks

December 2010.  Over the past few days I have been watching some workmen next to my office while I smoke.  One in particular has caught my eye.  From the northern part of our ‘island’, he’s in his 20's I figure, and rocking a body toned by hard work and desert sun.  He’s tall, lean and very fit.  Over the coming days he spots me watching him, and begins to smile shyly at me from up on the scaffolding.  Occasionally he slides his hand under his shirt and rubs his stomach, casually lifting his t-shirt in my direction.  Other times he hooks his thumbs into his pants and pushes them down to the point of indecency.  Needles to say I'm smoking more than usual, and enjoying the spectacle of his body and glimpses of his hair trail and more.  As I’m leaving one evening, he’s there, all cleaned up and apparently waiting for me.  The language barrier is pretty high, but I figure out that he lives in the building under renovation and wants to make me a cup of tea.  Let’s call him The Harus.

We go upstairs, and into his tiny roof apartment.  Not much common language between us, but he’s been brushing up against me ever since we entered the building, so I can work it out, and start to get a bulge.  He notices this, points and smiles.  The kettle starts to boil, so he goes into the kitchen.  I’m sitting on the edge of his bed (no chairs), when he returns with the tea-tray.  Naked.  He’s got a big grin on his face, and nothing else other than a hard-on.  His cock is so big it’s tapping the underside of the tray, and he wants to use it.  After some tentative touching, it's clear he’s not interested in anything other than fucking me, which I know is common to his race.  They are tops and tops only.  I’m not ready to submit and suck him off, so we settle on a mutual jerk-off session.  He's happy to take his time, slowly stroking his member and playing with the tip while massaging his balls.  He starts to moan, and the tempo increased, then stopped.  It had clearly been a while since he last came, as his load was fast, torrid and went across the kitchen to spatter on the wall.  This starts me off, and I began to go faster as well, when he reaches over and starts to finger my arsehole.  That's it for me and I shoot, my cum joining his on the wall.

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