Monday, 17 December 2012

Diplomatic questions

August 2007.  I do move in odd circles from time-to-time, and on this occasion I find myself at a cocktail party at the home of a senior European ambassador.  Happily, it was just 3 doors down from my own villa, but this was not known until the invitation arrived (we all live behind walls here).  By now my family have joined me, and extracurricular activities have been curtailed somewhat.  I notice my wife flirting all night with a very handsome man, which is unlike her.  I myself am in conversation with one of those slightly terrifying men one meets occasionally in these circles, those who have an astounding feel of gravity to them and probably know how to kill you bare-handed.  We chat for a while, then it is time to depart.  Walking home I ask my wife about the guy she seemed so keen on.  “The lawyer?  He’s divine, gay as they come and from our home town” comes the reply, “I was very curious to know how being gay worked in this part of the world”  “So how does it” I ask.  “Oh, he’s got someone, but was very coy about it all”.

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